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Pickles Pickles

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I love camping, I just dont do enough of it. These are photos from the last time we went out bush. Only problem was it was terribly cold. We camped in the Great Dividing Range in NSW and it was  minus 6 deg C over night, too bloody cold for me. We had a massive fire burning 24 hours a day, but the spot was so awesome right next to a creek, which froze over at night. Great fun, but i wish to go in Summer next time.


Smiz Smiz

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 Loved going camping. A nice way to reconnect with nature and forget about the world

GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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Okay, so I have been camping many times. It is on my bucket list - like many other things - because it is something that I had to do in my life time. If I had never gone camping, I'd be missing out.

This was my most recent camping trip, and a very memorable one at that. It was for my friends birthday, and we spent a couple night on our site, right beside the water.

brought our big food tent and mini bbq thingys, with tons of wikkid food.

There's a few people missing from the picture, there was about 15 or so of us.

Had a great bonfire with music playing from a car. Had little dogs running around.

We brought our hardcore blow up boat and tied a bunch of little blow up boats to it (one was a bar boat - consisting only of ice and booze) and a bunch of people latched on, lazily floating around in the lake. That was awesome.

We partied hard that night and there are many great photos and videos to prove it.

Good times were had.

IsMint IsMint

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poodlepeppapot poodlepeppapot

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 Duke of Edinburgh bronze expedition and practise expedition

justin.molle justin.molle

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 Went with my wife (then girlfriend). We stayed one night at a camp site in Dells, WI. The putting up of the tent is always a little stressful, but rewarding after its finished. It's great to sit and relax by a bon fire and not worry about anything. 

euaggeliaxrist euaggeliaxrist

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Camping Kourouta 2014 with bestefriends!


blaise_owen blaise_owen

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 family trip to julian

irenka.orlyuk irenka.orlyuk

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heather3 heather3

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My favorite camp site was on Hermit Island, we stayed on a tiny island on the ocean.


sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 I didnt really like most of my camping trips. Just saying.

GayleH GayleH

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Numerous family camping trips as a child, and camping (glamping) on the river Kwai, Thailand

mithani mithani

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Go every year now!


Mary Jane Mary Jane

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Matthew11 Matthew11

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Spent over 100 nights in a tent, thank you Scouts SA.

meeeggles meeeggles

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It was my first time camping ever! O-Hike at my high school in the US. Three cold rainy days in the beginning of September! 

jennhv7 jennhv7

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 Poland aprons campground and other campgrounds

Cort Cort

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Booze, bonfires, critters! Can't wait to go again.


kiki1253 kiki1253

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traveled on a pilgrimage from Melbourne and conducted some volunteer work whilst on our journey ... 

mafvarelas mafvarelas

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 É a melhor coisa de sempre, eu como sou escuteira já o fiz imensas vezes! A sério experimentem!!! (Esta foto nao é do meu primeiro acamapamento mas a localização é)

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