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Pickles Pickles

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I love camping, I just dont do enough of it. These are photos from the last time we went out bush. Only problem was it was terribly cold. We camped in the Great Dividing Range in NSW and it was  minus 6 deg C over night, too bloody cold for me. We had a massive fire burning 24 hours a day, but the spot was so awesome right next to a creek, which froze over at night. Great fun, but i wish to go in Summer next time.


GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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Okay, so I have been camping many times. It is on my bucket list - like many other things - because it is something that I had to do in my life time. If I had never gone camping, I'd be missing out.

This was my most recent camping trip, and a very memorable one at that. It was for my friends birthday, and we spent a couple night on our site, right beside the water.

brought our big food tent and mini bbq thingys, with tons of wikkid food.

There's a few people missing from the picture, there was about 15 or so of us.

Had a great bonfire with music playing from a car. Had little dogs running around.

We brought our hardcore blow up boat and tied a bunch of little blow up boats to it (one was a bar boat - consisting only of ice and booze) and a bunch of people latched on, lazily floating around in the lake. That was awesome.

We partied hard that night and there are many great photos and videos to prove it.

Good times were had.

Smiz Smiz

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 Loved going camping. A nice way to reconnect with nature and forget about the world

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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 I've ben camping a number of times; with family, friends and even people I've never met until that day. It's so much fun setting up the tent with your friends, especially when no one knows what they're doing. It's also fun to go collect wood to set up a camp fire and maybe set up a bbq. It's such a cheap way to have fun with friends in the summer.

euaggeliaxrist euaggeliaxrist

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Camping Kourouta 2014 with bestefriends!


howlstothestars howlstothestars

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The camping trip was a bit too much of a party than I was planning on (I was expecting more of the peaceful and relaxing sort of camping), but I still had a really great time. I can't wait to do it again though!

Greeneyed_Katxx Greeneyed_Katxx

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Really enjoyed going camping it was different, Did i like the rain and coldness at night no, But the views made up for it. 


bjordan101 bjordan101

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Such a great way to relax!  Cant wait to do it again! 

collissk collissk

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I go camping at home in the middle of the woods lots... I love camping! 

irenka.orlyuk irenka.orlyuk

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juliannacrisa juliannacrisa

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I went camping for the first time in Utah and it was the best experience ever! Perfect first time


jenniferbrowne01 jenniferbrowne01

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Pigeon Lake Mosquito Lake

Multiple times as a child, best camping trip EVER on August 12-14/2016 (Jr, Tim, Mark, Marlo, Kari)

ilke ilke

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30.04.2015 ı am going to fethiye for camping and trekking  

marydelta marydelta

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 I've gone camping many times in many places and I think camping is one of the most underrated experiences ever! Try it! 

TianaM TianaM

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I've been going camping since I was little and have come to the conclusion that everyone should go camping at least ONCE in their lifetime. If you want to fall in love with camping, you should come with my family! Every August, about 40 of my family members go camping for a week at Fish Creek Ponds! We have about ten sites in a row all around a beautiful lake and you can see stars!!!!! (I live in a city in NY.. we can't see them often). Every night, a different family cooks a full blown dinner! Spaghetti one night, pulled pork the next, stroganoff, chicken, & grilled sausage! My immediate family is the only one without a motor home and actually camp! haha What do we do at Fish Creek? We go tubing, we go waterskiing, we go wake boarding, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, cliff jumping, hiking, running, we tye dye shirts, we play games (jump rope to apples to apples), Camp fires every night, play volleyball, and they even have an Ice Cream truck. This might just be my FAVORITE place in the WORLD!

rode2nowhere rode2nowhere

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Ziggylenaerts Ziggylenaerts

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Rachel Kayla Rachel Kayla

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06.08.18 - 14.08.18. Sziget Festival in Budapest. 8 nights of camping with a tent, a sleeping bag and jackets as pillows. It was basic and rough but glad to have done it!

scarlett2242 scarlett2242

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 Me, my dad and little brother went around christmas time. At first I didnt like it one bit but once I had made a few friends it was a lot more exiting.

jeskarichards jeskarichards

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 I love camping. I am hoping to go camping in Kipahulu/Hana again this year. 

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