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Go Camping

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GroovyFerret GroovyFerret

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I have camped with Guides many times, the best one being last year! I hope to do it this summer with friends and I am also camping out again with Guides this year. 

Junebelle14 Junebelle14

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 I have gone camping every year (except one when I went to London) since I was 6 weeks old. I go with my neighborhood, and we have had over 50 people before. We go to Lake George and camp on an island for week. Each family has their own site for their tents and their things, and there is one large mess tent where everyone congregates and spends most of their time, make meals together, play cards and games, and swim a lot. It is the best experience and everyone should camp for real at least once in their lives.

Tiana92 Tiana92

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I've been going camping since I was little and have come to the conclusion that everyone should go camping at least ONCE in their lifetime. If you want to fall in love with camping, you should come with my family! Every August, about 40 of my family members go camping for a week at Fish Creek Ponds! We have about ten sites in a row all around a beautiful lake and you can see stars!!!!! (I live in a city in NY.. we can't see them often). Every night, a different family cooks a full blown dinner! Spaghetti one night, pulled pork the next, stroganoff, chicken, & grilled sausage! My immediate family is the only one without a motor home and actually camp! haha What do we do at Fish Creek? We go tubing, we go waterskiing, we go wake boarding, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, cliff jumping, hiking, running, we tye dye shirts, we play games (jump rope to apples to apples), Camp fires every night, play volleyball, and they even have an Ice Cream truck. This might just be my FAVORITE place in the WORLD!

jenniferbrowne01 jenniferbrowne01

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Pigeon Lake Mosquito Lake

Multiple times as a child, best camping trip EVER on August 12-14/2016 (Jr, Tim, Mark, Marlo, Kari)

nadiab_18 nadiab_18

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Camping is fun, for ONE night!!! haha


Ziggylenaerts Ziggylenaerts

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GayleH GayleH

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Numerous family camping trips as a child, and camping (glamping) on the river Kwai, Thailand

leahmoncrieff01 leahmoncrieff01

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 Cathedral School Camps Grade 2-10

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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awesome weekend away. 

tine4cats tine4cats

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Went camping with time ever! 

taylormarie213 taylormarie213

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Love camping with my Girl Scouts! <3 I'm actually gonna miss Kalidoscope.

meeeggles meeeggles

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It was my first time camping ever! O-Hike at my high school in the US. Three cold rainy days in the beginning of September! 

leslie11224 leslie11224

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 Spent a week out near Helen, Ga with my family. This was also the place where I took the best photograph and instantly discovered my passion for photography. 

neppakosa neppakosa

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Great experience with friends... Fished lots of trout at big lake, white mountain, AZ

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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 I went camping with a bunch of my friends a few years ago as we wanted something to do and thought camping was a fun and low cost idea. It was pretty fun experience but the weather was a bit of a let down as it rained and made the floor really muddy which brought it into the tents. Apart from that it was great and would be pretty happy to go again as long as we checked the weather in advance this time.

mithani mithani

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Go every year now!


Adel Adel

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 Camping with my friends near Lipno lake. Interesting and fun, but probably won't go again.

liambeeby87 liambeeby87

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21 Day Trek Across USA

 Great people, fun times. Nice to be free from phones and laptops for so long

lferrara lferrara

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i am campingggggg

Cort Cort

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Booze, bonfires, critters! Can't wait to go again.


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