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paulinagr44 paulinagr44

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The first time I went clubbing was in my first year of uni with friends from my course. Needles to say I had an amazing time and found out how much I love dancing. 

vildefs vildefs

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 Been several times, but the picture is from I went clubbing with my friends in Hong Kong! 

mpsatha mpsatha

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to start with ;)


SerenaCelia SerenaCelia

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BaoBao85 BaoBao85

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best night out when you go in a big group of friends

irishubbel irishubbel

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in Mallorca met Gwenda


ritaarosaa ritaarosaa

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So many times ... and I want more!


JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 Music, cocktails and dancing in fancy dress!

aureliamacias aureliamacias

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Noemie, one of my best friends, invited me to go clubbing with her. Even if I was only 17 years old and the legal drinking age in Quebec is 18, I accepted. 

We took the city bus from Cegep and we went join our friend Hannah and another girl at Champlain college. Then, we went by car at a supermarket to buy alcohol; we finally bought a pack of Coors light and one of Palm Bay

Me and my friends went at a friend's apartment at Champlain college residence for pre-drinking. After, we went at a college party in an apartment but we stayed there a short time because there was too much people. 

We finally went at O'Tommy's Pub, a place frequented by a lot of college students. It was a great night and I liked it.

mznavi mznavi

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Friend's Bachlorette Party with all the bridesmaids except for one. Had lots of fun. Met a couple of weird people, and others that were just plain awesome. The biggest challenge was getting everyone home once we called it a night. Everyone's feet hurt and some of the girls even took off their heels. I was the "designated sober person" for the night. Personally my biggest challenge was staying sane though the night. :) In the end everyone had a great time.

rubie rubie

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 My first ever college party! It was the annual Lique Mnl in my college where I got wasted for the first time also. :)

Nico19 Nico19

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Many times, many years ago.


alinegerlinzer alinegerlinzer

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 crazy nights! ♥

kateflorian kateflorian

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Went clubbing in Vegas, absolute blast cannot wait to go back!


mariasafadi mariasafadi

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The first time I went out clubbing was at Sheikhs in Bognor Regis when I was 17!



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Been there. Done that. All during my early twenties. 

charlsmith__ charlsmith__

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went clubbing after my 18th birthday party, met my favourite DJ!


DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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 My first night out was on New Years Eve in 2016 as I had turned 18 two days before and it was my friends birthday. We decided to go out to Manchester as it's a 40 minute drive from where we are so we thought we'd go somewhere big for our first night out so it would be one to remember. It was a really good night out and we stayed out until 4am although we weren't able to go to any proper nightclubs as we didn't realise tickets had to be purchased in advance to be able to get in. The first nightclub I went to would have been Plastik in Ibiza as we went on holiday to San Antonio Bay for a week during May 2017 which we visited three times during the holiday on nights out. My first clubbing experience in the UK was in Wrexham on a Thursday (Student Night) in Envy for my friends 18th birthday during June which was a good night out as well as in Rosie's a couple of nights later on the Saturday in Chester for a bigger celebration which is a 4 floor nightclub. All of my experiences of nights out have been really good although some are more expensive than others but they were definitely worth it and I'll be going out again.

stephaniecatherine stephaniecatherine

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2nd July 2013


Amged Amged

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 Last month

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