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Smiz Smiz

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 Fishing wasnt my favourite sport... but had to participate. 

todddykes todddykes

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Went to Eufaula alabama.My boss has a fishing camp there.

kathryn86_72 kathryn86_72

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 Wanted to try something new and fishing seemed easy enough to try. It turned out it's much more difficult than we figured. At the end of day, we managed to assembly fishing rod (spinning) and even figured out how to throw and lock and etc.

We didn't get any fish, but the experience was priceless. Driving back we just discussed the whole way, where to go fishing next :).

I think we where definitely the talk around that village - manager at the holiday village said that she had never heard that women go fishing (and their visitors are mainly fishers).

lulepetite lulepetite

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 Mike showed me the basics...

den1se3 den1se3

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Havd basically wanted to do this all my life and finally got the chance. I only caught one but it's an experience and one I'd defo do again 

reese369369 reese369369

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 This was not the way it was supposed to go down... or at least not how I pictured it in my mind.

I guess I was just expecting something different, or maybe just less raunchy.  The boat was trashy looking and the crew, the same.  I thought we would get a "formal" training course on how to fish but that didn't happen.  We woke up at the crack of dawn to be on one of Brooklyn's coasts by 8:00am.  The boat took off and we went far, far out to sea.  My first official catch happened as I was putting bait on Jens' line, and while I did that, he reeled mine in so I guess that didn't really count.  From that point forward I went on to catch... absolutely... NOTHING!!! until the end of the day.  Jens caught a baby shark and a small fish as well, but the people to either side of us just made us look extremely bad - they were catching two fish at a time!  My final snag of the day happened as I tried checking to see if my bait was still there.  It was so small I didn't even feel it as I pulled it in.  

alarm alarm

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2014 - summer (it was winter there)

woody, ron, toot and I rented a boat and went hand fishing

we all caught a fish 

toot didnt 

because he sucks 


TheMargorita TheMargorita

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I wanted to take my son fishing because of the many memories I had fishing with my dad.

rahji5 rahji5

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 Beautiful location to fish!

lisa515 lisa515

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When Jim and I went camping, somewhere around 2010, we went fishing.  I had never done it, so he took the lead.  We didn't catch anything.  I wouldn't mind trying again, though I'm not sure it's something I would ever get excited about doing on a regular basis.  But I'm always up for trying something I've never tried. 

Poopie Kitty Poopie Kitty

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This isn't necessarily a 4-star experience for me, as I'm not much of a fisher, however, this is a memory I share with Jeremy so it is special to me.  When we lived in Columbus there was a little lake at our apartment complex with fish.  We took fishing poles out a few times and used hominy corn on the hooks.  I don't recall us really catching anything, but I just liked spending time with him.  I recall putting instant mashed potatoes in the water and the fish and birds went nuts. I think I fished once before at Camp Muskingum in 6th grade with a bamboo pole (and I think I caught something, too).  Also, I got the opportunity to fish on a boat o the Potomac River, but I got seasick, took Dramamine, and feel asleep for the rest of the trip.  I was told my pole caught a flounder, but I never got to see it.

bbsmc430 bbsmc430

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We moved to Lake Royale in Louisburg NC in March and we live next to a lake.  I have taken my girls fishing a few times now and I love it!  This is something I will do all the time here...

timmonshayley timmonshayley

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 I go fishing with my family all the time and it is very fun but if you don't catch anything it can be quite boring. 

LatinaSweetie LatinaSweetie

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I went fishing with my love! broo I caught a whiting, a mackerel, and this jack! My love caught two flounders and two mackerels. We spent like 6-8 hours there. It was lots of fun and perfect weather *.* Pretty fucking awesome 


darkmisstress darkmisstress

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 -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare

Used to do this with my dad when I was much younger.  Even caught a fish once.  I have a picture somewhere...


tara_says_hi tara_says_hi

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 Mackerel fishing in Donegal Ireland with Irish and American relatives. Though I caught so many and enjoyed good company I felt bad at the slaughter of them as the driver used sonar (kind of cheating) to find the fish. We ended up with too many and my Irish relatives had to eat so much of the mackerel we caught. If I were to go fishing again I want to do it without sonar so it feels more like a skill.

Jamieturner Jamieturner

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 I do it all the time for fun

banditleap11 banditleap11

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 The first time I went was with my friend and my dad, we hiked to a lake and we went fishing, we just threw the fish back in, but I am intent on eating a fish that I catch, especially trout!!

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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It's been in Romania, few years ago on the ''Valea Oltului'' near my hometown. I didn't like it at all, I got bored.


ElizbethJohnMalikayil ElizbethJohnMalikayil

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It was a great great activity to try out! Small boat. Full day trip. BBQ on the boat for lunch! Very very nice skipper. I met a whole losd of people. You could say my first friends/acquaintances in Auckland. A whole lot of Iranian people mainly. There are so many in NZ. And they all seem to be doing PhD. Never really knew Iranians had such a strong culture of high education.

Requires loads of patience of course since most of the time the fish just grabbed the bait off the hook and swam away! So you reel and bait, reel and bait, reel and bait, and you never really catch much. Though some of the others managed to reel in some pretty good fish. As per law, any fish under a certain length had to be thrown back into the sea, dead or alive. I suppose its to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. I caught one decent fish. Also another one which had to be thrown back. Birds kept swimming around us throughout whenever we were anchored to fish. They kept going after the baits on our lines. Annoying little critters! Also towards the last end of the trip, the sea got really choppy and I got damn seasick. I was expecting it since I seem to have trouble with motion sickness in general. Anyway got back to land and the Iranian gang decided to come to Unlodge to cook dinner. 2 of the others were staying at Unilodge as well. Nice day all in all. 

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