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calvinellis calvinellis

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What a great pastime. I did a few caches around my house and neighborhood, then broadened my horizons. There are cache's everywhere! I am totally addicted! 

VeganRockChick VeganRockChick

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Geocaching is my new favourite hobby that i finally got around to doing a couple of weeks ago. Now we are hooked! I can highly recommend geocaching. The thrill of finding the cache and the places you get to see, that you would never normally venture to, are incredible. Suitable for ninjas in North Wales was a particular highlight of mine. To reach it you need to climb a small hill then climb through a tiny hole and wade through water in a pitch black cave for 100m to get to ground zero (the area the cache is hidden). It looks trickier than it is but it is dead easy and  dangerously addictive! :)  

twilightseven twilightseven

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I waited 10 yrs to do this. Finally got a cell that has a good GPS on it


Xianthra Xianthra

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 any chance i get :)

Saimi Saimi

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This is something that turned into a hobby!


highonlifeest95 highonlifeest95

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This is one of my favorite past times.

julie_333 julie_333

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Still on going! One of the most fun and free activity anybody can do.

Gotta collect them all :) 

david.wilson.357 david.wilson.357

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 I always thought that this would be a fun adventure.  To hike and to look for something.  Always seem a good way to get you out in nature.

I completed this today, Saturday, March 29, 2014 with my 3 children, Hailey, Eli and Cortland.  We found the following geocache locations.  Nine in all.

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GCA03D  Buffalo National River Overlook  Log It GC14TH0  Creel Cache  Log It GC4J61X  Hawkeye View #5  Log It GC4PNAH  The Old Depot  Log It GCX3P9  Gaither Mountain Overlook  Log It

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03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  The Old Depot Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  Hawkeye View #5 Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  Buffalo National River Overlook Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  old time choo choo Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  Tiger Cache Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  HMS EAST Stiffler Springs cache Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  grubb springs cemetery Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  Gaither Mountain Overlook Arkansas Visit Log 03/29/2014 jdavidwilson73 found  Creel Cache Arkansas Visit Log

we_need_love123 we_need_love123

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 Loved it ! Although ca be hard.

Mr.Elle Mr.Elle

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I went geocaching in Branson with my family. It was hot as balls.. But we found the cache and no one saw us recover it. Unfortunately, it wasn't a big cache.. No treasure. We just signed the log and put it back. I won't be doing any more geocaching until it cools off!

AdidasTO AdidasTO

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Went geocaching with Zachary Powell. Only found one item out of all of our searches!

Breshiki Breshiki

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I started geocaching back in 2012. You can find me on the website under username Breshiki


sarah1777 sarah1777

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I tried to find my first geocache alone and it took hours!! I couldn't for the life of me figure out the clues until it became so obvious, I was like "wow, I'm dumb". Now it has become a regular hobby of mine.

andylo48 andylo48

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vampkittie vampkittie

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 A great thing to do when out walking. There are always geocaches to find and its a great outdoor activity.

Nico19 Nico19

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So much fun, I really appreciate the effort people go to hiding these things and teaching us a little history.

It’s the perfect family activity. Excersise and adventure.  

Dream_maker Dream_maker

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soooo much fun! Our family now spends many weekends spending hours geo caching(now wherever we are its constantly a good time to check if there are any around, its never a dull moment), its a new form of bonding, embracing the outdoors and our love for each other.  The idea that there are these little treasures just minutes from your home is so thrilling. so many people are involved in this activity, increasing its appeal. From personal experience of traveling HOURS to find these little containers, the thought and excitment that goes into it is sooo worth it.

SeanMcIntee SeanMcIntee

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Went and found Holly's Geocache by the seat, weather was really good which made it a lot better! Don't want to give away the location so here is me at Karitane beach

Baxteria23 Baxteria23

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Summer 2014 with my Girlfriend and friend Miranda. We went on a trip to Jasper and on the way home we stopped to geocache wherever we could and ended up climbing a really steep and muddy hill. It was awesome!!

Gengineer Gengineer

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My family liked the idea and checked it out in our local area Christmas 2012. We now check for geocaching sites whenever we travel together.


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