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mikaela_time mikaela_time

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Abandoned asylum. Previously a nursing home, before that a mental hospital. No ghosts to be found....

Smiz Smiz

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Ghost hunting is a fringe pseudoscience wherein its adherents visit and investigate locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, a ghost hunting team will attempt to collect evidence that they see as supportive of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters often use a variety of electronic devices: the EMF meter; digital thermometer; handheld and static digital video cameras, such as thermographic (or infrared) and night vision; digital audio recorder; and computer.

Traditional techniques such as conducting interviews and researching the history of a site are also employed. Some ghost hunters refer to themselves as a paranormal investigator.[1] Ghost hunting has been heavily criticized for its total absence of scientific method; no scientific body has been able to confirm the existence of ghosts.[2][3] Ghost hunting is considered a pseudoscience by a vast majority of educators, academics, science writers, and sceptics.In contrast, the concept of the ghost and narratives featuring ghosts are a topic of academic study in folkloristics.


Smiz Smiz

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I love the paranormal.. and i enjoy going out to try and talk with them and see if they need help. Im looking forward to purchasing my own equipment so i can do more hunts! 

rebecca.turner1986 rebecca.turner1986

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 Ghost hunting, used crystals and rods to speak to deceased on the site. Went with Angie.

Jamiebucketlistgoals Jamiebucketlistgoals

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 ooohhh is was kinda scary....didn't find anything but was still fun it was an old abandoned house on the street my sister lived in lol 

Basilrose Basilrose

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 The Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum in Gordonsville, VA conducts paranormal investigations on certain Friday nights from 8 p.m. until midnight.  We explored the museum, a side building and the train depot.  We were able to get a flashlight to turn on and off in response to questions, and another group saw a closet door open on its own.  I did capture some strange things in photos, however I am not convinced that anything paranormal was occurring.  Maybe I would feel differently if I had seen the closet door open.

TravellingDog TravellingDog

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I went to the haunted Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania near Cluj Napoca. I spend 5 days camping there and trying to find a ghost. Although, I didn´t find one it was still a wonderful, thrilling experience and I am sure something was there because my dog freaked out a few times for no reason at all and I did hear a few unusual things. ;) 


jkwbucket jkwbucket

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 ooohhh is was kinda scary....didnt find anything but was still fun 

scicotte scicotte

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I actually do this a lot lot with friends, we get together and will go to local cemeteries at night, and are actually planning a hunt at Mansfield prison 


badwolf0409 badwolf0409

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 Had an amazing experience where a friend and I went ghost hunting in Bodie, CA, a known haunted ghost town. We stayed in covered wagons and chatted with spirits on a spirit board. It was a blast! 

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Apparently the ghost like me 🤷🏼‍♀️ Now I'm itching to do a more in depth overnight excursion


tori93 tori93

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 My boyfriend was driving around at night and ran into ghost hunters who were working on an old wooden bridge, so he asked if we could join them. That's how we ended up ghost hunting one night for like 1-2 hours. He was even doing some of the recording.

Steven Truman Steven Truman

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Love to go on a paranormal night

A friend and I went on a paranormal/ghost hunt which lasted most of the night in an old building in Bolton.....Very good night with great results. 

berkleyhopkins berkleyhopkins

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with rachel willms.


mangotree mangotree

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On the ghost tour of Beechworth Lunatic Asylum over the weekend. We had lanterns and a guide to tell us what took place in each room when it was still operational.

StarrySky StarrySky

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I did it with my friends ended up being so scared that we decided to stop half way and go and eat pizza and a disney movie and then go again.


GColvin GColvin

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My Uncle Ghost hunts all the time and has heard and captured some crazy stuff. I am a huge chicken. I don't even know the last time I watched a scary movie. I HATE being scared, but I also like trying new things. I can honestly say I will never ghost hunt again. Seen some weird things, heard some even weirder things. Glad I gave it a try. On to the next item. :)


bekk1227 bekk1227

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Numerous times.  


emwhitty emwhitty

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 My friends and I attempted to go ghost hunting at Pond Bank, PA and we were terrible at it! 

jaycee_xoxo jaycee_xoxo

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My friend Aaron Doty was burned alive in the woods after a party. And if you go to that exact spot and continuously talk to him, you can hear a very faint voice say "help me".. NO LIE. 


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