Go Hiking in a Rainforest

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cintistef_94 cintistef_94

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Not exactly a rain forest but looking at the ocean and touching it after hiking is an amazing experiece then watching the sunset from the top of a hill is breathtaking! 

gemmadowell gemmadowell

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Hiking in Bako national park in Kuching, Borneo for my 27th Birthday. With a stinking head cold and incredible humidity, hiking through the rainforest to a gorgeous little beach and spotting wild pigs and proboscis monkeys made it all worthwhile. 


StupplesOfTheWorld StupplesOfTheWorld

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Australia in 2006. As a young boy our family spent a couple of days hiking round rainforests. They were trully beautiful with a wide array of natural beauties like massive water falls.


Jesper_Clausen Jesper_Clausen

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Auf den Philippienen zu einem Wasserfall 2018


tru_dymeladymi tru_dymeladymi

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Hiked a trail to get to la mena falls. It was extremely hot but the waterfall cools you right down. Bring lots of water! Plenty of exotic plants and beautiful trickling water on the hike.

rmccayhines98 rmccayhines98

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Went trekking/hiking somewhere in the amazon rainforest! One f the most magical places on the earth.

Josiemck Josiemck

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 Terrifying. Giant spiders. But, smelt like candyfloss?!

mohsimpson16 mohsimpson16

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 Hiked through the forest in Goa Tetes. Climbed waterfalls and swam in caves. 

reddchick32t reddchick32t

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  My best friend and I went to Hawaii together on spring break. We stayed with her aunt and uncle on the backside of the island with all their crazy kids. The dad's job was to protect the native lands and be a caretaker of it. We went to the poi ponds and hiked around. It was gorgeous 

aja.fewell aja.fewell

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In the sweltering heat I trekked through the jungles of Belize and Guatemala. I came across rare lizards, rusted ford trucks abandoned long ago and ancient Mayan temples. My expectations were meet beyond my imagination . I cant wait to go back   


rosemaryale rosemaryale

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I have the US's only national rainforest in my metaphoriacal backyard. [Really old] Photo of my friends and I at El Yunque.

fieldska fieldska

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We hiked in rain forests on a few different occasions on a study abroad trip in Australia in 2007. During one trip, we helped the natives clean the rainforest up!

gzoologist gzoologist

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 My time in Costa Rica was amazing!!!

cyberstarco808 cyberstarco808

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One of my favorite things to do in Hawai'i. I love the humidity and it's a great place to cool off! Just remember to bring the big spray. 

jim.gray.146 jim.gray.146

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Very interesting vegetation .  


k8enmatt k8enmatt

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We hiked through Lamanai ruins in Belize.  Howler monkeys overhead, rain drizzling down on us, mud, Mayan ruins, crocodiles, all sorts of birds.  It was our favorite adventure!


baederp baederp

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Done this a couple of times....

First was in Costa Rica and the second time was in Austrailia.


jbower54 jbower54

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Olympic Peninsula - so beautiful


stephanie.blandabrown stephanie.blandabrown

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Costa Rica!! So beautiful.  High school Spanish program trip!


maxeolson maxeolson

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We went hiking in the Daintree forest of Australia. The native welcomed us with a welcome ceremony to fend off evil spirits

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