Go horseback riding on the beach

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Pickles Pickles

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The ride was OK, I had visions of riding along the beach and galloping through the water. The horse on the other hand decided we would plod along the shore line. I eventually got him into a canter and we went into the water up to his chest... the owner of the horse was not to thrilled about that and let me know it.


DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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During my three week vacation in Cuba last year, me and my friend decided to go horseback riding as they were selling it as an excursion in our hotel in the Melia Cayo Guillermo. The horseride went through the lagoons which then took you to the beach where there were no guests. The track was so lovely and peaceful as there were no hotels by so the only sound was nature. It was something you could only dream of imagining and was amazing to see it in front of you.  

QuindyDana QuindyDana

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Paardrijden op het strand

Samen met een vriendin, op het strand paardrijden

aislingmaki aislingmaki

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 A dream come true. 

@may_kabyar @may_kabyar

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It was actually a little horse haha. I was scared I would fall any minute but then it started to relax me. I was very happy at the moment. Wonderful memory.

natasha.thompson.7505 natasha.thompson.7505

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Horseback riding is scary. Putting my life in an animal's hands. Lol

UriaKute UriaKute

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 I was freaking excited and the horse was tired and he just sit AND I FREAKED OUT HAHAHAH

droav droav

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i´ve been in horseback in Cartagenas Colombia, this moment was perfect and amazing.

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I did this in Iceland with bf of sorts, my sister and her husband! (Thanks to Eldhestar.is) It was so much fun and the horses are so cute! I loved being able to see all the nature around and the beach was really pretty as well.

allycat143 allycat143

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In the ocean!


Nickei Nickei

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Great horse. Never forget him. Hot day and had a bit of heat stroke. Otherwise was glad to do it again. Hadn't horse back ridden in since a child.  It wasn't totalling what I expected but I was glad I did it. 

SuziGraham SuziGraham

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Zara, Summer, Arnie and I on the beach

danielle.heron25 danielle.heron25

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Horseback riding in Mallorca. Galloping group. 

extraterrastrial extraterrastrial

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 This was on my mom's bucket list more than mine and we both discovered my mom is terrified of riding horses on the beach.

fconejeros fconejeros

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Mangjose Mangjose

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Horse's backbone will really make your ass hurt after it gallops for a few kilometers. Its also my first time riding a horse on my own.

kaylllmx kaylllmx

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Horseback riding in Greece, 2012


thefabulousc thefabulousc

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 If you're on Amelia Island, visit Kelly's Seahorse Ranch! Great guides & horses!

tspice tspice

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Mancora, Peru :)

Vetty85 Vetty85

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Picture this, it is beautifully sunny, you are on a beach in the Dominican Republic and you are about to go horse riding on the beach. The scenery is beautiful and you can hear the gentle sound of the waves lapping against the shore line. 

Fast forward half an hour and you are wet through from the downpour you are now riding in. You are blinded by the sun lotion that has made its way into your eyes and your horse has a mind of its own. 

Brilliant memory, just as funny in the moment as it is to look back on

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