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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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The first time I tried was in france on our eurotrip. It was truly amazing. The countryside in France is so beautiful it´s crazy!


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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One of the free activities to do at the hotel in Fiji was Kayaking. It was a lot of fun, at first I had trouble getting in the Kayak. Now I'm an expert. Though it was a great arm workout!


muddymelissa muddymelissa

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My first kayaking experience was at North Park. Calm waters, great lesson, lots of fun!


msvaldarling msvaldarling

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I've been kayaking on the San Antonio River. Whenever I get a chance to do it on a bigger river or lake I'm definitely going for it. It was so fun and relaxing. 


shxwnzx shxwnzx

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Went kayaking through ancient caves in Thailand. It was all fun and pleasant, until you see your friend kayaking near the shores and when he got surprised by a crab that was on a twig just beside his face, he flipped out and the both of them on the same kayak capsized big time! Big laughter moment for the rest of us. 


HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 One of the greatest activities in the world!! <3

Dani92 Dani92

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Noosa Queensland Australia



courts07 courts07

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 We went kayaking in caves in Thailand

sarah1777 sarah1777

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I was fortunate enough that my dad bought us kayaks at a really young age. It has taken us on many adventures as a family. My favorite was when my dad and I came across a bear while kayaking. I had never been a great paddler but when I saw that bear I was gone and my dad turned around to find me across the lake.

bingevil bingevil

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 Have been doing it a lot since when I was living in Samui island back in 2007, also several places in Asia in Sihanoukville Cambodia...but my most favorite time is at Surat Thani Thailand.

briannacampbell122 briannacampbell122

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It was so peaceful!

Mac_79 Mac_79

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 Really exhausting. Without the guide paddling behind me, I'd literally go nowhere.

Garfunkle92 Garfunkle92

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I used to go kayaking with my dad when we went camping in Kerville. 

I went kayaking with Crystal in the mountains.  

digitalcassette digitalcassette

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Went kayaking with my son.  Awesome way to beat the heat in Georgia.

Neele Neele

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Kajakkurs in Wien war Wildwasserkajak - nicht wirklich das was ich wollte. Ging so lala und hat mir auch nicht super gefallen. Ich will Kajak paddeln um die Natur zu sehen, nicht um gegens Wasser anzukämpfen. Neues Ziel: Eskimorolle lernen und Wochenendausflug oder dergleichen.

lanlawmaza lanlawmaza

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Punta Cana 2014

Tasteoftravel Tasteoftravel

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 Favorite new hobby!

ajrmdavey ajrmdavey

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In the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Dominican Republic in March 2014


kastevenson97 kastevenson97

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Sea Island on New Years Day 2015 with Mary Claire


sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 Kayaking is fun but it is wet and tiring. You really want to do this if your going to. It is a great sport though and you should really try it.

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