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bluenwild bluenwild

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 Met that person online through an app that shows you people you might have met, it's called spotted. You can also insert request if you're looking for someone specific that you saw on the street, but have not had the courage to ask them out on a date. Well, we chatted for a while and he sounded quite nice, I could not see his picture, but I thought: hey, let's be adventurous and meet him anyway. We did, went for a walk and set next to the river Main, drinking some wine... but he is totally not my type. Neither physically, nor emotionally, he giggles like a silly teenager after every sentence he says, it's super annoying! Gah! But oh well, it was worth a try!

toni.currington toni.currington

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 Joined PoF and met a few people and had dinner/drinks with them.

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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I went on a few ... then the last one became my husband!


karenm33 karenm33

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Went to support a friend who as on the blind date

pathfinndr pathfinndr

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1973, 1983

LoreleiGilmore LoreleiGilmore

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Turned out well <3

zwrightsell2222@yahoo.com [email protected]

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It was awful!!!! I would NEVER NEVER NEVER do it again.

machtnurspass machtnurspass

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Was ok but I would not recommend it ;-) !

stacey.j.miller.37 stacey.j.miller.37

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Went out with a guy I had never met or seen in person prior to our first date.  June 2013

eswarig eswarig

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 I never thought I would do this kind of thing...It was alright as both of us had no expectations of any sort.  One less stranger in the world, one friend gained.

Schwermetall Schwermetall

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Was awful... :-P


Firstirish Firstirish

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I took part in a TV show based around blind dates, while the experience as a whole was good fun, the date itself could have been better as my date's focus appeared to me more on the cameras, and what was going on at the other tables in the restaurant. When she did focus on our conversation she spent an inordinate amount of time discussing her Ex's.  There was no second date, but the experience wouldn't stop me from trying blind dating again.




trinabeth trinabeth

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I was set up on a blind date by my Uncle. My date picked me up. We went to Discovery Park. We had a picnic (wraps, fruit, pasta, chocolate cake, cheese cake, water, lemonade) We talked and also fed fruit loops to the ducks in the pond. 


marissa_will marissa_will

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My advice is to get to know people in life! :)


kokokelly23 kokokelly23

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does one from a dating site count? ^^ giggle

MusicBoxDancer MusicBoxDancer

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Not something I like to think about in detail... that was the weirdest and most awkward date ever, and it was so hard to get rid of the guy...

pbgautham pbgautham

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ah..this was during my days in bangalore as a single guy working at GE Capital. My friend actually set this up..it was pretty interesting indeed. we met up at a restaurant in indranagar. Even though, it was a pleasant evening - we were totally different and hence i did not pursue this further. thank god for that..i would not have met my wife otherwise.

ekazal66 ekazal66

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 Awkward,  at best. Felt like a job interview that you weren't sure went well. And it didn't. 

coyval coyval

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Haunted House with Joe magliozzi

jondjones jondjones

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I arranged to meet someone from here ages ago.  She lived somewhere near Taunton so she came down for a Friday night and got a hotel.  I remember sitting at the bar waiting for her and seeing this monster stomping down the hill opposite, wearing this skin tight leopard print top.  I didn't really take much notice of her so carries on checking my emails.  Next thing I knew I felt this tap on my should and it was her!  She must have been about 20 stone (she had here profile as 'average') I was actually gob smacked for a minute.  We went out and had a good night think I got back about 3am and she was a good laugh but DEFINITELY not my type.


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