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09shawn03 09shawn03

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It was absolutely amazing. I went with my brother and my mum. We all shared a room and i got the over hanging bed. i loved the swimming pools, there was a salt water one and a normal one. There was a casino, a huge 5 story restaurant which on 2 of the nights we stayed there was a bow tie event so the women would come dressed in beautiful gowns. There was a cobbled street which was incredible, filled with street fairs almost every night. There was this amazing sandwich shop which tasted delicious and the room service was out standing. By the second day the cleaners had learnt all of our names, and each night we came back to the beautiful room which was clean and new bed sheets. The towels were always shaped into some sort of animal. Almost every day we stopped at a new place- Barcelona, Italy, Rome and lots of others. My mum loved getting off and going exploring. We all got off of the boat on the 2nd day and went to the beach which was brilliant. The rest of the week i think i stayed on the boat and played with new friends that i had made in the kids club. Overall it was incredible and i am glad i have done it


vasugideevinah vasugideevinah

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Oasis of the Seas

i have been to / went to a trip by star cruise libra for 3 day 2 night

Mikouska Mikouska

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Visited Estonia with my love♡

ChrisHooley ChrisHooley

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 Disney cruise to the Bahamas with my daughter and her best friend. It was amazing, but it was a lot of work.

Fraterlucis Fraterlucis

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What a magnificent experience! I'd highly recommend taking the Princess Cruise line if you go to Alaska, by far the best one around. You will not regret this cruise.  

karin.ayuni karin.ayuni

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Went on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas for a week, it was AMAZING, it was the Dreamworks experience so, my daughter loved it as well. Visited Jamaica, Labadee and Cozumel, will definitely do it again in a heart beat.


Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 From Finland to Sweden when I was a child

sandskyandsea sandskyandsea

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I have been luck enough have been on three cruises in my seventeen short years each being better than the last. I first went on a Princess cruise that I remember very very little about. Then, a Carnival cruise much to many's dismay I had a great time on. I must say the twenty four hour personalized pizza bar had something to do with it. And finally, a Disney cruise with my mother, brother and best friend. It was amazing and perfect in every way. Plus, the food was da bomb. The first picture is me celebrating my 16th birthday on the first night of the cruise. The second is us with our super cute and amazing drink server! (Me, Jared, Ashton, Amanda). The boat in the third picture is the one from the Disney cruise and the last photo is when we landed on Nassau. (Amanda, Me).

coreen.wells.9 coreen.wells.9

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kaykay0834 kaykay0834

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It took a few years but the Bahamas were wonderful! Pina coladas, white sand, blue water, just like a magazine. Thanks to my sister and bestie for this amazing birthday present.

elysia_lm elysia_lm

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Best 11 days of my 2015! Highly recommend this.


krh74 krh74

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The best way to relax!


blaycation blaycation

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 Ive been on a couple of really memorable cruises. My favorite was with my family from Venice through the Greek Islands a couple of years ago.

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Dec 2006: Went on a cruise to Playa del Carmen

LesCo75 LesCo75

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8 day cruise on the Carnival Liberty. Ports of call: Grand Turk (rained out), St Thomas, San Juan, St Maarten. Amazing trip! I will definitely go on another cruise!

Floro Floro

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We went on a family tour. Here we are ready to board the ship. 

shanfly87 shanfly87

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 The first "all grown up" vacation I had taken. I didn't go to visit family or friends, it was the first time that I had traveled to just get away. We stayed 2 nights on the cruise ship, we ate lots of food, we drank lots of rum punch, and we enjoyed the sun on the deck. But I also got pretty seasick on the lower decks!!

SuzieD96x SuzieD96x

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So far I have been on eight cruises: The Sunbird (now The Destiny), the Van Gogh (no longer exists), Navigator of the Seas, Opera, Grand Princess, Queen Victoria, Emerald Princess and the Rhapsody of the Seas. I've only ever cruised around Europe but it's been great. 




rachnunn rachnunn

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went on a cruise to the bahamas! seriously so amazing, i would definitely go again :) experience all of the different people and the different cultures on the ship was so cool. the islands were breathtaking and ill always want to go back!


winkerdoodle winkerdoodle

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We went on a Craibbean Cruise: Halfmoon Cay,Aurba,Curacao,Costa Rica and Panama Canal.


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