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@iman @iman

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Did a 7 day cruise starting from Texas galveston to Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamacia then back to Texas. It was amazing, they had lots of activies to do on board, and slide and lots of food...to much if you ask me lol....i did gain a lot on vacation hehe


justusnoblit justusnoblit

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I want to travel on a cruise and set sail to many different countries, as I experience the beaches, people, and foods of these un-familiar islands.

nicolle123 nicolle123

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 I went to a cruise called pullmantur that did a tour through the Mediterranean sea so it was around Italy, Spain and France. I really liked it 

Steven Truman Steven Truman

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Went on a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea on a huge ship called the Norwegian Spirit while on honeymoon

caroline.tornell caroline.tornell

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 I've been on quite many cruises, so this was completed way earlier than the date says, but I can't remember which date my first cruise was, so the date is only accurate to one of the cruises I've taken.

marcxventura marcxventura

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 I would definitely go again!

huggle1983 huggle1983

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Seasick but Cozumel was beautiful!!!

HP_Always HP_Always

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MSC FANTASIA mediterrannean cruise 12 days 

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I went on the Disney Cruise in like second grade it was so cool especially all the activities although I did get lost at one point.

This was in 2002.

triinuorg triinuorg

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My school decided to send me to a competition that took place on a cruise ship. We lived on Costa Mediterranea for a week and visited Mallorca, Marseille, Ajaccio, Barcelona and Milano, it was really great!

ashley.n.hunter.9 ashley.n.hunter.9

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I only like short cruises but they are nice experience until I get off ship 


So fAr carnival and princess cruise line


Royal in november

birdyboyuk birdyboyuk

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Have actually achieved this 2 times!!

November 2011 and December 2013

LilyPicciano LilyPicciano

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It was just awesome.

elliv0208 elliv0208

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Went on a cruise for 3 weeks!


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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I've been on two cruises - the Disney Cruise in 2002 and the Royal Caribbean in 2004. Both were phenomenal, highly recommend going on at least one!

Photo was taken in Haiti back in 2004, with our cruise ship, the MS Mariner of the Seas.

jadenb jadenb

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Go on my first cruise!

Completed May 14-18, 2018 on the Carnival Victory, travelled with my Mom and my three kiddos from Miami-Key West-Cozumel and back. We had a serious blast and will be cruising again in the future for sure!

beth.munchkingarnham.5 beth.munchkingarnham.5

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  • Norwegian Gem, 2009. With my mum and sister

We stopped at St. Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, St. Maartin and Tortola.


  • Norwegian Star, 2013. With my mum, sister and grandparents 

 Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Honduras, Roatan 

KaitySmith_ KaitySmith_

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Hawaii 2010


kribrat kribrat

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One of the best way to spend vacation!

despertarpraviv despertarpraviv

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4 day cruise from Miami to Nassau and surrounding islands

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