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Garfunkle92 Garfunkle92

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 Went with boys. :P

W/ Robby - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica

W/ Alan - Honduras, Cozumel, Belize

W/ Kyle - Cozumel, Progreso         10/2018

JessicaD11 JessicaD11

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My first ever cruise was the Warped Rewind Cruise. Every cruise looks a little boring by comparison unless it is also a 4 day music festival on the water.

rachnunn rachnunn

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went on a cruise to the bahamas! seriously so amazing, i would definitely go again :) experience all of the different people and the different cultures on the ship was so cool. the islands were breathtaking and ill always want to go back!


yviolanto yviolanto

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My husband and kids never can afford a vacation, we have been trytto save yo by a house, but something always comes " se have been stressed out cause we never have money to enjoy our family it would mean the world to us if we could even psu for a hotel or the had to even drive somewhere!! But a cruise would be perfect!! Plz think of us thanks so much!! We just want to be kind to one another we really need this "!

elysia_lm elysia_lm

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Best 11 days of my 2015! Highly recommend this.


lms202 lms202

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Glad I tried it, but I got sea-sick :-( 

Marisa Marisa

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It was a fun experience, dining on a rocking ship and sleeping there, but for me one time was enough. 


jspigner jspigner

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 I went on a cruise several times!

1) Disney 

2) Carnival: Legend

3) Carnival: Liberty 

4) Carnival: Ectasy 


Curlyfry Curlyfry

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 I have been on a few cruises. They never interested me until my mom took us on one and now I love them. Norwegian is our cruiseline of choice and absolutely love them and have yet to have a bad experience. 

laurenstevens3 laurenstevens3

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Maria and I arrived in Helsinki on 3rd April 2015. The cruise on M/S Baltic Queen to Tallinn, Estonia, left at 18:00 on 5th April. I was surprised that nobody asked to see my passport, but Maria explained that this was because both Finland and Estonia are members of the Schengen zone. The cruise was my 21st birthday present, although it was belated because I was already 22 when we went on it! I enjoyed watching the horizon of Helsinki fade away on the back of the boat. We had a look around the shops, but they were so busy because the prices were so cheap by Finnish standards (so they were probably the same as British prices). Maria said some people go on the cruise just to get cheap alcohol. Next we went back to our deluxe room with private bathroom and got changed from our stripy blue and white 'sailor' tops into dresses. Then we went to the buffet at 20:30. I hadn't eaten for most of the day so I could save some space for the buffet. It was quite expensive and there was unlimited alcohol and loads of different food, so we wanted to make the most of it. However, we were really tired from sightseeing over the past 2 days, so we did struggle with the alcohol. We went back to our room and relaxed until we went to see the midnight show, which was nice. Then we went to sleep because we were so tired.

The cruise arrived in Tallinn at 22:00pm, but we weren't allowed out of the boat until 08:00 the next day. The old town wasn't too far from the boat, so it didn't take long to walk there. We had breakfast in Maiasmokk cafe, the oldest cafe in Tallinn. Then we saw the town hall in Town Hall Square and went in a few touristy shops as we made our way up the hill towards the city walls, Alexander Nevsky cathedral, a few other churches and parliament. At the top of the hill there were spectacular views over the city. We made our way back to the boat and picked up some food in Rimi hypermarket from Hesberger, and snacks for later and snacks for later. Unfortunately the boat left at 12:30, so we didn't have much time to see much or go inside any places. We had a look around the shops on the boat when they weren't so busy before arriving in Helsinki later in the afternoon.

elliv0208 elliv0208

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Went on a cruise for 3 weeks!


birdyboyuk birdyboyuk

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Have actually achieved this 2 times!!

November 2011 and December 2013

LilyPicciano LilyPicciano

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It was just awesome.

RaeeeXoxo RaeeeXoxo

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I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas a few years ago and a 7day Caribbean cruise in 2015!


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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I've been on two cruises - the Disney Cruise in 2002 and the Royal Caribbean in 2004. Both were phenomenal, highly recommend going on at least one!

Photo was taken in Haiti back in 2004, with our cruise ship, the MS Mariner of the Seas.

jadenb jadenb

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Go on my first cruise!

Completed May 14-18, 2018 on the Carnival Victory, travelled with my Mom and my three kiddos from Miami-Key West-Cozumel and back. We had a serious blast and will be cruising again in the future for sure!

hema_gvk hema_gvk

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Royal Caribbean Cruise from Miami to Bahamas


ashley.n.hunter.9 ashley.n.hunter.9

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I only like short cruises but they are nice experience until I get off ship 


So fAr carnival and princess cruise line


Royal in november

HP_Always HP_Always

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MSC FANTASIA mediterrannean cruise 12 days 

Nirma Nirma

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Go on a cruise in The Nile 

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