Go on a road trip in the U.S

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Martinezblue Martinezblue

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I have driven across the US 3 times so far. First was in 2009 I drove from Toronto to LA through Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado etc. When I returned to Canada I drove from LA to Toronto, however, I went north to Idaho, Montana into Canada, drove across Alberta and Sask, then drove down through Wisconsin etc. The last time was in winter 2015, I drove from Toronto to Vancouver through the US. I passed through Wyoming, Utah etc. 




ShadowWolf121 ShadowWolf121

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alinekm alinekm

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From New Jersey to Florida, by car. 

megha.bhalwalkar megha.bhalwalkar

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samuel0 samuel0

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I wento to Green Bay. Wisconsin to a football game and it was AMAZING.



jen.hsmith3 jen.hsmith3

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Have taken several road trips with my son to Colorado, Arizona and a few other short ones. These are the vacations I will remember for a lifetime. Just me and him.

msannikalynn msannikalynn

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I drove from Phoenix, AZ to my hometown with my dog, and camped our way across the country, cooking out over campfires the whole way. I was 24 at the time. My first solo road trip. 


rbjllj rbjllj

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 Drove from Key West, FL over to San Jose CA. 

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