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Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I have gone on several spontaneous road trips in my life.

lizzymcwire lizzymcwire

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Hermoso paisaje

lari16 lari16

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4561 km. 2 girls. 1 car. No plan. After we lived 1 year in New York City 2 friends decided to do a Roadtrip at the west coast of the USA! 16 days of traveling. Filled with adventures and crazy stories! The trip of my life since now! 


rosie_lm rosie_lm

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I went on a road trip in Iceland following the ring road during 2 weeks. It was amazing!


elveslight elveslight

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Four weeks of adventure throughout New Zealand! massive fuel costs hahaha. Don't let me think about that. It was worth every penny, though!

sammay37 sammay37

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Vicky and I made the 6 hour trip up to oswego to see marissa! we swear it wasn't for the boston market ;) OR the 1 AM donuts in the parking lot.


fk.p.merlin fk.p.merlin

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set off to an unplanned roadtrip

rafaelnadal.dasodi21 rafaelnadal.dasodi21

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Went to Rishiksh with friends in Self Drive car 

lyndafree lyndafree

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 California Coast - From Eugene OR to San Francisco, CA.

Servane Servane

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When you know where you're going to be on Erasmus, the next thing to figure out is how to go there (and maybe find a place to stay...). With a friend of mine (who was going to the same city), we decided that it would be funny to do a quick road trip before arriving in Austria. So, at the end of August 2014 we packed our stuff, took the car and cross France form west to east. We did 2 stops in France, then in Zurich, in Munich, in Salzburg, and ten days after, we were arrived! That was a really nice and we succeeded to make it cheap because we slept at friend's or we did couchsurfing (a complete new experience for both of us!).

I took that picture, but unfortunately that wasn't the car we used (it would have been even better!).

sarasobella sarasobella

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From San Antonio, Texas to San Francisco, California! :) 

Nico19 Nico19

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I love getting away. Last weekend we drove up the East Coast Of Tas and slept in the back of our van.


jessica.ascenso jessica.ascenso

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Super funny experience, and do it with friends is awesome.

seanpaullemons seanpaullemons

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Have done this many times, but one of the best was just driving around Scotland. 


fatima_costa fatima_costa

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 Got a phone call from Bouchra, one of my soul sisters, with the idea to rent a camper and travel to Italy. Fast forward 4 weeks and here we are: 3 ladies, together from 2-8 april driving through different countries with Lake Como Italy as destination. OMG... what a journey we set out to do... in just a few days we have gone through sooooo much... it's definitely a learning experience about ourselves and the way we interact with each others. 2 more days to go, so let's see what else is in store for us! <3 <3 <3 

TillieJayne TillieJayne

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Plenty of Blackpool trips with the girls 💗

Ennuioh Ennuioh

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 From North Carolina to California. Road trip of a lifetime through different terrain and weather.

AnjaRedder AnjaRedder

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I ll have ridden a Harley across Russia.

Rhealityyy Rhealityyy

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Well, finally after almost a year of having my driver's license me and my friends had a chance to have a roadtrip. Though it's just an 8.2km ride, I still consider it as a roadtrip coz where on the road tripping hahaha.  Well yeah as you can see that's me on the driver's seat. We didn't mind the heavy traffic because we enjoyed our roadtrip music. 

catalinaardilarico catalinaardilarico

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While in Australia...


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