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khalabi khalabi

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 Went with my friend from Dammam (KSA) to Bahrain driving over the King Fahd bridge connecting the 2 countries. We spent the new year at Bahrain & enjoyed our weekend :)

Ennuioh Ennuioh

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 From North Carolina to California. Road trip of a lifetime through different terrain and weather.

alix.torrecita alix.torrecita

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jaynarvaez jaynarvaez

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Mateus Mateus

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Well, beginning my story coming out of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul / BR, bike with a box stuck behind to carry my belongings needed for the journey as my tent, clothes, some food and etc. I cycled for 10 days until the city of Sao Gabriel, next to Brazil's border with Uruguay, where I spent two days acamando the city's bus station. After that bought ticket and take the bus in direction to Santana do Livramento the border, where they again bought a ticket until the city of Montevideo, in Uruguay, been through a lot that somete the road gives us .... 

jamesshobbs jamesshobbs

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Was from san farncisco to las vegas though Death Valley over 2 days

sammay37 sammay37

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Vicky and I made the 6 hour trip up to oswego to see marissa! we swear it wasn't for the boston market ;) OR the 1 AM donuts in the parking lot.


marien_13 marien_13

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Vistied 3 cities in June 2014 with Mirza <3


didiherch didiherch

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3 Friends, one 40 year old car and the mountains of Costa Rica 


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 Did this many times with the band I used to manage in the 90's

Smejia Smejia

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 Love road trips!

explorerjoey explorerjoey

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One of my favourite road trips ever ! We started in Michigan and drove to Niagara Falls, Ontario and then continued to Newport, RI and it is the coolest town I've ever been too. One of my most favourite places on the planet.


Servane Servane

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When you know where you're going to be on Erasmus, the next thing to figure out is how to go there (and maybe find a place to stay...). With a friend of mine (who was going to the same city), we decided that it would be funny to do a quick road trip before arriving in Austria. So, at the end of August 2014 we packed our stuff, took the car and cross France form west to east. We did 2 stops in France, then in Zurich, in Munich, in Salzburg, and ten days after, we were arrived! That was a really nice and we succeeded to make it cheap because we slept at friend's or we did couchsurfing (a complete new experience for both of us!).

I took that picture, but unfortunately that wasn't the car we used (it would have been even better!).

lizzymcwire lizzymcwire

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Hermoso paisaje

scai.br scai.br

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 I've going on road trips since I was 12y.o. First time was with my dad with a motorcycle, then 14y.o with my parents and then again with my dad and his friends who took their daughters. This last time was amazing, specially because I met two incredible girls who made that trip special.

We went from Sao Paulo - BR, till Ushuaia - ARG, visiting cities and fantastic places like Perito Moreno and the glaciar, Penguins, Chile, Tierra del Fuego.

rosie_lm rosie_lm

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I went on a road trip in Iceland following the ring road during 2 weeks. It was amazing!


jessica.ascenso jessica.ascenso

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Super funny experience, and do it with friends is awesome.

fk.p.merlin fk.p.merlin

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set off to an unplanned roadtrip

lois.gail lois.gail

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Drove most of the east coast - from Birmingham, AL to Bar Harbor, Maine in Autumn. It was absolutely gorgeous!  I highly recommend the coastal road!  You will not be disappointed.

lyndafree lyndafree

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 California Coast - From Eugene OR to San Francisco, CA.

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