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Laure96 Laure96

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In South Africa we've been on a safari in the Krugerpark. It's a very big wildlife park and we've seen a lot of wild animals. We've seen elephants, hyenas and lions from only a few meter distance. An incredible and unforgettable experience! Loved it.

Denisse Denisse

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 see a lot of animals

Juve Juve

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  Safari sounds incredible and in fact there are some pretty awesome animals and all and it's cool, but I think it's not really worth all the money? Like, I'm happy I went there, but I think maybe I'd expected more or I dunno. It's a bit overprized anyway. But cool, it is, sure! I saw the elephants like 6 meters away from me! And hyenas eating, lol

tara_says_hi tara_says_hi

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Monkeys on the roof trying to pull of the antennae. Tigers up close to our car. All in the Uk.

0826888900 0826888900

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Thanx KC!


snuitjuh snuitjuh

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It's indescribable what you feel at that moment. You're just a few steps from a wild animal, and the animal is quiet and to enjoy his freedom. Super

Mollie23 Mollie23

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I basically did it. It was a small walking safari in Arushas national park. Later we also rode around the area in a car. There weren't any predatory animals but we saw giraffes, zebras, buffalos, flamingos, monkeys and som other animals. It was pretty amazing.


apoc3001 apoc3001

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Went on safari to Tsavo East for 2 days.  Feeling of being out in the middle of a national park, so peaceful and quiet.

Danue Danue

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It was in Bariloche, Argentina. A bit scary but i'll never forget it <3 amazing.

SylvieAnn SylvieAnn

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Took my 9 year old son to Masai Mara for two nights.  It was one of my best moments in this life! 

DiHolmes DiHolmes

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 Already did this in Malawi. It was amazing. Wouldn't pass up on the opportunity to do it again but this time with my husband and son. 

shannonwilson_ shannonwilson_

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In the July of 2013 myself and my best friend went to Africa for two weeks, 3 days within these two weeks were spent on safari. I was able to see 4 out of the big five as the locals call it. It was such a fantastic experience, I was able to watch the sunrise on an early Monday morning whilst driving through listening to the circle of life. 


chlsyrhd chlsyrhd

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While studying abroad in East Africa. 

amyrizz amyrizz

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Did a Safari at Six Flags Great Adventure in  New Jersey and it was a blast! There were all different types of animals and at their camp I got to feed a giraffe. It was such a fun experience! June 12th, 2015 


Meymoona1 Meymoona1

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Went on a desert safari in Dubai in July 2011. It was fun. Bellydancing, hookah pipe and all. That is where I got the opportunity to ride the camel. We wanted to try sand boarding...didn't work out though.

hbapple92 hbapple92

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Desert safari


28magnoliaavenue 28magnoliaavenue

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Went on Safari in Mosi-o-Tunia national park in Zambia and Chobe national park i Botswana.

miemari miemari

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cocotoro cocotoro

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Do a safari in Africa

lolalu42 lolalu42

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I went on a game drive through Merchison Falls National Park in Uganda. It was absolutely fantastic!

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