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lauren.prynne lauren.prynne

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Chucking it down with rain at the start but still a lot of fun :)

jmr615 jmr615

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 Did the Segway tour in Washington D.C. - did the sunset tour and it was sooo cool being at the major sites on a segway!   Loved it so much, convinced Jeff to do one in Charleston, SC. 

ashinadash ashinadash

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Desiree tour guide


xxchloevictoria xxchloevictoria

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16th birthday. York Railway Museum


planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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 Rode a Segway for the first time with a girlfriend.  I was very nervous at first, but quickly got the hang of it and had a blast.  We were supposed to take a 1 hour tour, but because our group was so "chill" according to our guide, we went for 2 hours.  The weather was perfect as we toured downtown Long Beach and the surrounding beach areas.  I highly recommend it!!!

svdweel svdweel

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When I visited a bungalow parc we had the opportunity to drive a segway over the park. Fun experience! 


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sophie.r.tanner@gmail.com sophie.r.tanner@gmail.com

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alexandru.puiu alexandru.puiu

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 Visited Dallas, TX by Segway


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emzy.walk emzy.walk

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Me and my family went on a Segway tour when we went to Hawaii and it was really fun. We went through the forests and around the bays, the views were really pretty.


tracy.rowlee tracy.rowlee

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Our tour guide was MORE than willing to help me and less reluctant to help David. HA HA He knew a pretty face when he saw one. 

toni.currington toni.currington

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 Segway for Stevies birthday in June 2017.

canavanrl canavanrl

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Did this in Brisbane with my boyfriend and cousin thorugh Kangaroo Segway Tours - it was brilliant! We had such a laugh!!

madalena.1712 madalena.1712

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hilda.satherberg hilda.satherberg

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Went with my family to an adventure park a bit outside the city. Amongst various activities, one could try out Segway! That's what I found the most enjoying, so I went a few laps to say the least haha. Would love to go for a longer tour in some exiting environment one day.


drshelution drshelution

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 Took Rick (55) and Jodi for their birthday in August.

chantalleday chantalleday

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 EE away day...first time ever and loved every second!

NoelFigart NoelFigart

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 Went on a Seway tour in Bermuda.  It was great fun.  Yes, my husband and I looked like dorks.  It was still fun and cool to do, 'cause we are big ole dork.

jesmat jesmat

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In Singapore for my birthday :)


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