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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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It´s great! Especially when you are a whole group of people!


cindy.feij cindy.feij

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Met vrienden van Menno wezen paintballen. Helaas als enige meisje maar was super leuk. 

yonidaniels yonidaniels

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with the scouts!! 

gorges du tarn Frankrijk 

Zdilley Zdilley

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 Went paint balling for my birthday and many other friends birthdays, lets just say i suffered some bruises and saw some horrific ones as well

socorro.miranda.3511 socorro.miranda.3511

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New experiences brighten up my bland and boring life. Definately hurt the first few times. When you finally let go and enjoy, you forget about the pain. I am so going again.

DeeDee. DeeDee.

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It hurt so bad. I thought I was dying. I went with my sisters and friends. My sisters kept shooting me constantly. I had a lot of bruises But I had a lot of fun and I would do it again just with different teams lol.


charlie.lyne.1 charlie.lyne.1

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You might seem confident to begin with but its bloody scary. And hurts like hell on the legs and neck. I know this now from experience....

bluenwild bluenwild

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It was surprisingly hard to gather a group of friends - I guess it is because paintballing is quite expensive. It was totally worth the money, the fields were amazing and we even found some more people to play with (they were pros though and kicked our butts xD).

iyer.sricharan iyer.sricharan

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One Awesome Experience.. .. Hits Hard.. But whats fun without getting hit.Went with Capillary Delivery Team

elizabethortiz137 elizabethortiz137

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Absoluely terrifying! I never actually got hit, but during the game my friends were crying (literally) about how bad the paint balls hurt when they hit you. So of course I wasn't going to see for myself. I just pretended to be out. But, the team against us was at an unfair atvantage because they were older than us. Hmph- never playing that again!


samjoy.eugenio samjoy.eugenio

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A very interesting sport/activity. Had a lot of fun paint-balling with colleagues. We were like 12 years old kids going nuts. I still remember how i was catching my breath and i literally didn't care, i just enjoyed every minute. Worth all the pain.

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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Went with a group of people and my Uncle to Sgt Splatters and learned I actually was a good shooter with not only a bow and arrow.

BriAdina BriAdina

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 Painful, but absolutely worth it. I loved every second. I can't wait to go again! October 18th 2013

vainamousse vainamousse

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It was worth the pain. Scary at first, but lots of fun. Would definitely go again! 

Mewka Mewka

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Paintball über ca. 9 Stunden in einem Woodland Areal


Nicy Nicy

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Sharons Geburtstag. Was solln wir machen? Gehn wir Paintball spielen! ​Geile Sache ♥ gerne mal wieder ;)

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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I've been paintballing since I was a kid. Great sport.

Lifetrip Lifetrip

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18th Birthday



Charliewithwanderlust Charliewithwanderlust

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A painful, yet memorable experience.   Very fun to get into... be prepared to come out with a few bruises (if your anything like me that is).

tailzers tailzers

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It was awesome! Went with a bunch of friends for my belated 16th birthday! I was in so much pain after. Those paint bullets are painful! 

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