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Pickles Pickles

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 I've been paint balling three times now, the first time I was on an end of season trip away with my football team. We had drunk pretty heavily the night before, but we all got up and got out to the "battle field". I can tell you once the first paintball hit me I was instantly awake and making sure I didn't get hit too many more times....that shit hurts.

sandskyandsea sandskyandsea

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The first and only time I ever went paintballing was for my thirtheenth birthday. I wore the completely wrong attire and ended up with a huge bruise on my belly and shoulder. Never the less a fun day and a great experience. (Me, Jeremy, Ella, Katrina, Kabeer)


Jo.Goundar Jo.Goundar

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Got shot 4 times and the bruises lasted for months. Would do it again though. Fun if with the right people.

akaizzyy akaizzyy

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Riya's 17th birthday celebration 

KachaBelle KachaBelle

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Paintballing (FINALLY!) with the chumps! Such an epic day, take me back!


Bookworm111 Bookworm111

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 I went paintballing for the first time for my brothers 13 birthday party. I got to take one of my friend and my sister took one of her and my brother had around 7. There were three courses that I ended up doing: zombie apocalypse, bomb on a bus where one team had to make sure footballs didn't get on the bus and the other team needed to get the footballs on the bus, and another course that was just hiding behind obstacles. I got hit on my upper leg twice and on my upper arm once and it was really painful, they all left bruises which I had for at least 2 weeks. It was incredibly fun and I would love to go again

mertensjara mertensjara

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paintbal voor sam zijn verjaardag


Elenainnapeartree Elenainnapeartree

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Was fantastic fun to go paintballing, especially with URNU

nina.jussila.7 nina.jussila.7

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Never thought I would enjoy so much for getting my whole body full of bruises, but I was wrong! So much fun at Paintballing with my mates.


Matthew11 Matthew11

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Riley King's Birthday Party!


khalabi khalabi

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My first paintball experience :) Super fun & requires a lot of skills & stamina... 

Ntruman91 Ntruman91

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Yesterday my two brothers and i (plus two of their friends) all went paint balling for the first time to give it a shot .... no pun intended,

It was amazing fun and such a great bonding day. This is going to become a regular.. even though today i cannot walk!


ChickyCheatah ChickyCheatah

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This was sooo fun! VERY HURTFUL but fun none the less. We went mountain hiking before we started with the game which was exhausting since none of us are fit. I Got a throat shot, bled a bit but was worth it. We played in the bushveld, which made it so hard to hide and terrible ro run. My sister didn't want to play and I forced her and one of our long time family friends because it's my first time. Me and my bestfriend was recruited as my sister's bodyguards since she can't take any pain. We did quite a splendid job since she was shot only once during the game haha

taylor.lenahan.7 taylor.lenahan.7

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Cleveland, October 2013

Went paintballing with Rick's company in the woods. It was fun! Minus getting nailed in the head from about 30 feet away.


Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I have played paintball a few times with my son, William. 

isabella.gindl isabella.gindl

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preferably like in "10 things I hate about you"

the date is set: September 20, 2014 - it was a wedding gift to a friend who wants to do that as well :-)



catalinabugeag catalinabugeag

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 teona's bday

shannon1996jones shannon1996jones

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This was fun but I was rubbish! Sure I spent more time hiding as getting hit hurts 😂


Engelebengeleboem Engelebengeleboem

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 Went during a summer vacation. Such fun!

Josec Josec

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Its a lil scary at first but then you have no fear and you get the temptation to get shot. 

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