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Laure96 Laure96

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I went paragliding in France, Annecy, 2011

It was a nice experience with a great view on the mountains and the Lake of Annecy

Pickles Pickles

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I stepped off the mountain this afternoon and soared with the birds. I must say it was a magical experience flying with High Adventure Paragliding.

Its so peaceful as you bank and turn riding the breeze. This is another This Life List adventure checked off.


chellobean chellobean

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 Amazing experience flying over Lake Lucerne next to my sister. My pilot even let me fly for a while! Definitely would do this again (if it wasn't so expensive!).

Asitz Asitz

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 It seems to me a beautiful experience

linzi.nicholas linzi.nicholas

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Conquer the fear of heights

Babadag Mountain 16th June 2014 

  • Ellie Kanou
  • Rachel Waters
  • Becks Waters
  • Viv Sherry



izzyev izzyev

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In Verbier with my wonderful dare-devil of a momma.

samolotx samolotx

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Together with my brother we decided to try paragliding. Unforgettable experience, breathtaking views of Warsaw and great fun. I totally recommend this type of sport!!! We will definitely try this again, and again, and again :)

That's another step in overcoming fear.


Next one, parachute jump?..


rebecca.dacosta rebecca.dacosta

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Went in Tunisia with my Mom in August 2014, it was great fun and was able to see a great distance above land. 

Charmical Charmical

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We were celebrating my birthday this weekend and my lady kidnapped me to a location unknown to me. It was a field. Yes, a field. With a guy asking me:'Ready to paraglide?'

I was completly suprised and didn't hesitate at all: MY BODY IS READY!

Amazing view, amazing take off and landing! I can only imagine the view in different countries!

I recommend this to everyone who wants to be free as a bird!

tuti_frutti55 tuti_frutti55

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 It was fantastic, you forget everything when you are flying!

EmmaKoch EmmaKoch

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it was fantastic


Hannahm17 Hannahm17

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jeremy.jr jeremy.jr

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hema_gvk hema_gvk

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Went Paragliding in Manali, India with my cousin and best friend. 

Picton123 Picton123

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Paragliding was something I have always wanted to do. When I was on holiday when I was younger I always watched others flying and gliding in the air. Life always looked so simple up there! Anyway I finally did it and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done especially doing it with my best friend, Haylie! 

paulsmit paulsmit

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€ 130,- for a 25+ minute tandem jump. It was great!

sb021751 sb021751

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YoungLife Camp in Minnesota! Senior year of HighSchool


susantjaja susantjaja

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I gave myself a paragliding experience on my 27th birthday. and It was Awesome!

I will do it again in different place and country

kribrat kribrat

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100% recommended


miraykaplan miraykaplan

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from 6000 ft Mount Babadag, Fethiye.


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