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Laure96 Laure96

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I went paragliding in France, Annecy, 2011

It was a nice experience with a great view on the mountains and the Lake of Annecy

Pickles Pickles

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I stepped off the mountain this afternoon and soared with the birds. I must say it was a magical experience flying with High Adventure Paragliding.

Its so peaceful as you bank and turn riding the breeze. This is another This Life List adventure checked off.


Asitz Asitz

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 It seems to me a beautiful experience

linzi.nicholas linzi.nicholas

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Conquer the fear of heights

Babadag Mountain 16th June 2014 

  • Ellie Kanou
  • Rachel Waters
  • Becks Waters
  • Viv Sherry



ashlee26jayde ashlee26jayde

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We are back in Thailand and this time I’m paragliding, which was one incredible and terrifying experience. I had never even considered doing it until my mum pointed it out at a price that was irresistible to us considering in Australia it would cost around $100. So without hesitation (okay maybe a little hesitation) I decided to paraglide, which ended up costing just $30.

So this is probably a good time to mention we were doing this on the packed beaches of Phuket behind a speedboat, which would pretty much take a trip along the shallow water and come back in with my guide and I in tow. That seemed fine so of coarse I got myself strapped in and was instructed to run along the beach before taking off. Damn that thing could give you a wedgie but that wasn’t my biggest worry that would’ve been the guy just hanging onto the strings holding the parachute to the harness. So with no time to have a civil conversation to the lunatic just hanging on like he did this every day (which he did so I guess that makes it alright?), I looked out at the beauty of the Thai beach. It was beautiful with the sunset in the background making for a perfect view and photo and the people looking like ants from my position in the sky. I couldn’t believe how awesome the whole scene was and as we turned around to land I was wishing I could do it again. Sure I was hurting and a little paranoid about the somewhat loose and suffocating harness but that view was worth it and if the guy on the lines could do it without any protection I shouldn’t be complaining.

So on my way down I realised why this guy was hanging behind me, it was to alert people to our coming in so they’d move out of the way and then to guide us down. I worried about us navigating our way through the crowd but I guess the people knew what was going on because they quickly moved out of the way and we were back on the ground.  

I loved every moment of my paragliding experience and the best part was being able to appreciate my surroundings and just understand how lucky I am to be able to travel. Paragliding cost a very small amount of money to people such as my mum and I however a lot of the kids and even adults sitting along the shores would see it as something life changing so to be able to do something like that in another country is something unforgettable. 

Hannahm17 Hannahm17

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jacquemet.lou jacquemet.lou

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Went with a friend to celebrate her graduation. 

tuti_frutti55 tuti_frutti55

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 It was fantastic, you forget everything when you are flying!

hema_gvk hema_gvk

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Went Paragliding in Manali, India with my cousin and best friend. 

lisa515 lisa515

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One of my friends just after my college years, Bill Strand, suggested one day that we go paragliding.  I met him at church and he was always coming up with these random things. (I ended up doing several 5Ks and 10Ks with him for the same reason.)  So why not?  We did not get pictures that day because it was before everyone had cameras on their phones.  But let's just say my early attempts do not look like the pretty picture here.  It was hard! But I'm glad I tried it.  

chello94 chello94

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 Amazing experience flying over Lake Lucerne next to my sister. My pilot even let me fly for a while! Definitely would do this again (if it wasn't so expensive!).

sb021751 sb021751

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YoungLife Camp in Minnesota! Senior year of HighSchool


susantjaja susantjaja

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I gave myself a paragliding experience on my 27th birthday. and It was Awesome!

I will do it again in different place and country

Nasu Nasu

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Amazing experince!! 😍 

anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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Paragliding is even possible when you're afraid of heights! However, the thin air up may make you a little nauseus afterwards... 

Picton123 Picton123

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Paragliding was something I have always wanted to do. When I was on holiday when I was younger I always watched others flying and gliding in the air. Life always looked so simple up there! Anyway I finally did it and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done especially doing it with my best friend, Haylie! 

natta natta

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Paragliding, no description needed.

My dad was visiting me for the holidays so I decided to kill two birds with one stone, by surprising my dad with doing something thrilling to welcome the new year and making him pay for something I’ve been dying to do. Im not normally an adrenaline-junkie nor seeker but there are certain things that you just want to try in your life. It was life-changing. That leap, to the abyss. Great way to start the year.

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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Done it in Queenstown with my twin sister and our best friend while on a trip there, courtesy of tandemparagliding.com.

Stu19 Stu19

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It was out of the world. Once in a lifetime experience. :) 

Nyquist Nyquist

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Place: Zagreb, Croatia

I have never flown before today, not even in an airplane. It was a great feeling, i could imagine to fly all day long:).

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