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TianaM TianaM

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I love rock climbing 🧗🏻‍♀️ I went with a bunch of my cousins for a birthday & I felt so empowered and strong. ☺️ Making that at least a yearly tradition.  

kellykirk kellykirk

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This was a tough one... at first.  It was mentally challenging just as much as physically.  Just when you think you can't go any higher because you're scared, you figure it out and make it work.  Great for team building and personal development.  Definitely hooked on rock climbing and will be doing this again and again and again!  TRY IT!!! 

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Picture was taken in Arkansas, 2007!

Ntruman91 Ntruman91

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 Indoor rock climbing is something i always wished i would go and go... but always to shy of what others may think if i did something wrong.. but i am happy to say that mind set has changed and i am all for new adventures!.... i found a love for indoor rock climbing i love the fitness, the challenges, the fun and the adrenaline rush. Overall happiness. This is now a regular event!.. I have now shown two new people the amazing fun of indoor rock climbing and they are hooked too!

mitchell.gasper mitchell.gasper

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I have been outdoor climbing at Devils Lake, Taylor Falls, and Red Wing, Mn. Taylor Falls is by far my favorite place to climb and am planning more trips up there for next year. 


Pickles Pickles

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Not really my thing, didnt enjoy the heights and my arms struggled.

NabilIbrahim NabilIbrahim

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Taman Cabaran, Putrajaya


banditleap11 banditleap11

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Adventure activities are my favorite

Melissa B Melissa B

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 We love climbing rocks in Chandler Park; we've done it multiple times!! I've included a rock wall picture as well.:)

Leprechaaun Leprechaaun

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Organise with gym during University


Went with work for the staff do - great fun. Meaning to do it regularly when I get the time :-)

Megan and Greg Megan and Greg

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This trip was before we started out list but i thought it better to have one completed, it was on this trip we realised how important it is to take time away from the hussle of every day life, it was after this trip that we decided to create "The List", this was the first of many adventures, i cant wait to see what holds in store for us.


paige.swarts paige.swarts

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Went Rock Climbing at Mission Cliffs in SF, Ca. Met up with a great group and had a blast. I can't wait to go back and start climbing on a weekely basis! Weighing in at about 240 I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to climb anything and everyone would stare at me. But I convinced myself to go anyway, strictly to have fun and if I climbed great! Which I did end up climbing and I did pretty well given my physical condition. I even made a new climbing partner/freind. All in all a great night! 


vigachigga vigachigga

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did this during my frosh week! :) although I got to the top, I wish it was taller so I could have gone higher!

LifeofVera LifeofVera

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 Climbing is the best kind of sport in the world!!!

siddharth.tewari1 siddharth.tewari1

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It was rajmachi Mumbai A 17 km trek to rajmachi fort Amazing experience

kribrat kribrat

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The boss of my boss invited me to do rock climbling. She is super pro! and it was my first time. I did not lile that my hands hurt but the experience is amazing :-) thank you Linda!!


iamsambob iamsambob

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Bouldering is one of my absolute favourite hobbies. I'm certainly no pro but it doesn't stop me from enjoying it. The feeling of being able to tackle a problem you were once unable to do (or too scared to do in my case normally) is amazing.

AdventureNinja1 AdventureNinja1

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Every year my mom and I do a trip for our Birthday. On this trip we went to Toas, NM. both of us are avid rock climbers so this was not new teritory for either of us. However, this was my favorite rock climbing rout we've ever done. We got a guide threw Cottam's, and she showed us all these spectaculare routs. The great thing about a guide is they already know the area, and they can give you the most challenging rout for your dificulty level. We spent the morning climbing all over, and seeing some spectacular views. But the best part was on our last run. Instead of climbing we repelled down the Rio Grande Gorge. Breathtaking is an understatment. 


lilly lilly

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I found an indoor rock climbing wall, who knew it was such upper body strength had a ball. 

iulia.rasinar iulia.rasinar

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Somewhere in the Alps

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