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Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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We didn't have sailboat but our friends had so we got to try it too 

CazSonghurst CazSonghurst

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Sailing when working for Mark Warner - got RYA level one in sailing just didnt buy the cirtificate 

Sil. Sil.

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 Juni 2013

lauramramos lauramramos

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went sailing on a "world cup sailboat" in St. Maarten, it was a fantastic experience and our group won!!! 

jacquemet.lou jacquemet.lou

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 On Lake Geneva, with friends!

Kylec21 Kylec21

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BVI 2017 

Hatch Hatch

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 Theres all type of sailing experiences. Definitely figure out what kind of experience you want exactly! You could be sipping champagne luxurious on your yacht or cramped in a tiny one person laser cutting through the whitecaps of English bay. 

Its all about what your cup of tea is, but I definitely think there is a time and place for everything. 

Regardless everyone should sail in English Bay one form or another!

Alchemistsoul Alchemistsoul

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 We went sailing in the Charles and had wine and cheese after. I went with Pranav, Josie and her friends Ben and Aaron. Ben found his dad's sailing card from the 80's and Aaron was the man in charge of the mission (he worked there so we got in for free). To be completely honest, the experience itself was very humbling. It was a realization for me (and Pranav) that life isn't always awe-inspiration. Sometimes no matter where you are, you are still grounded in your body and that's all that there can be to it. Beauty isn't always life defining or life altering, but just there, for you to sit and contemplate and wait for the words to come. But they never do.

dall0046@gmail.com [email protected]

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At lake Taupo, with Mari Stavdal - A cherished friend whom I connected with very quickly - We decided to take a sail boat ride in the evening around Lake Taupo. The wind was strong, it was close to evening and drinks were free flowing on the boat. It was a good time had by all with great company, good music, and an amazing captain.


JoleneKH JoleneKH

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Sailing in California several times.  Done it...don't need to do it again. 

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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My family went sailing in Boracay, Philippines while the sun was setting. It was such a beautiful site. Whenever they needed to turn, the people on one side would get splashed. It was a lot of fun and relaxing. 

mama.vida mama.vida

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The breeze on your face, the many tasks that need to be done while siling. It's all fascinating. 


yoitsdomka yoitsdomka

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I did, and it was, as I wrote in another one of my bucketlist items' descriptions, the most changin experience in my life. I went yacht-ing for one week with people I barely knew back then (a small yacht, two girls and five guys...yeah, it was tought at times :P), and who are now obviously my friends. We're going this year too :) If I started to describe the whole trip, it would take me at least a few hundred words, so let the pictures do the work for me:






And by the way, those are unedited in any way :)

icanfly icanfly

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I took part in the 100 years of girl guiding Tall Ships Adventure

kwwright kwwright

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We went on a sailing/snorkling trip in St. Thomas on our honey moon.

chawlarima chawlarima

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Lake Tahoe

Elliotsimbaskooter Elliotsimbaskooter

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Well, it was just on a lake in Colorado, but it was fine.

anuanus anuanus

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This happened in Auckland, New Zealand for the first time

thetannedpolarbear thetannedpolarbear

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Went in the summer 2013! It was amazing! doing it again! sailing holidays.com! On a yacht! With my family! We sailed around the greek Ionian Islands, it was beautiful! None of us had done it before but my dad and big brother quickly learnt how to man the boat, I personally loved sitting at the front of the boat! I also have joined a local sailing club.

anuanus anuanus

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I went sailing in Auckland, New Zealand

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