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simmie_oberoi simmie_oberoi

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In Andamans,havelock island Dive India

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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 Went scuba diving in Cancun, Mexico in the spring of 1994

laurenstevens3 laurenstevens3

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On 15th August 2014 I was on holiday with my friend Fatima in Santorini, a Greek island (See 'Visit Greek islands'). I booked a scuba dive with the Mediterranean Dive Club for 15:30 - 17:30, which I was really nervous about, especially because I was at the tail end of a cold. I had also spoken to Santorini Dive Centre, which was a bit further down the beach, which had similar courses and prices, but they didn't seem as friendly and passionate, so I chose the Mediterranean Dive Centre instead. The dive cost €55 (with a discount!) and the photos cost €15 extra, which was a bit pricey but probably not as bad compared to other places. I hadn't spent much money on that holiday other than travel, accommodation and food, so I thought spending some money on something I had wanted to do for a very long time wasn't so bad. In the morning Fatima and I parted ways, because she had been scuba diving before and, so decided to go to the north of the island whilst I went scuba diving and we planned to meet up in the centre of the island in the evening. I tried to relax with an iced tea at Vinsanto bar/restaurant on the beach, but I was so nervous, especially because of my cold.

I arrived early and mentioned my cold, and although initially there was some apprehension about whether I should dive or not, it was decided that it was safe. I went through the training and was tested on what I had learnt. I then put on the diving equipment, which was quite challenging. I decided to do an offshore dive, because I thought it would be easier and less nerve wracking than throwing myself off of a boat! We walked down the beach and got quite a few funny looks from people who were sunbathing and snorkelling. My instructor, Gerry, was very patient and reassuring and I was lucky enough to be the only person booked for a dive at that time, so I had Gerry and the photographer all to myself! It was reassuring when I was able to stand on the bottom and practice slowly breathing with the regulator before submerging myself.

After going underwater to about 5 metres depth and equalising (breathing out and pinching my nose to avoid ear pain), I started to feel at ease. I love swimming and I especially love being underwater, so I was in my element. It was difficult to get used to swimming without using my arms, though. I quickly realised that breathing was not the difficult part, but keeping water out of my goggles was, which I assume was due to the pressure. I did feel dizzy at one point and I had a few panicky moments, but on the whole it wasn't as scary as I had imagined. I saw Gerry and the photographer spinning around and lying on their backs, but when I tried one of my fins fell off and started floating away! The experience was amazing; it took my breath away (literally) to be underwater with such good visibility and to see all the sea life and I can't wait to try it again in the future.


SabreLi SabreLi

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Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, QD, Australia


milkyc0ffee milkyc0ffee

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Such an amazing feeling to swim amongst the fishes like you are one of them!

katherinefix katherinefix

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Got PADI certified in Hawaii!



Laure96 Laure96

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 Last year (2014) I did some scuba diving in Zakynthos, Greece! It was an incredible experience and I would recommend it to everybody who is still doubting to do it or not. We ofcourse saw some fishes but we also saw tuna fish and, by the reaction of or instructor, that was quite special. I loved the experience and I would defenitly do it again!



katielc6 katielc6

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 Got lessons and did it overall three times and earned my license for it! 

jennifer.pinches jennifer.pinches

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Don't be pressured to do it again unless you want to. Snorkelling is fun too!

Instructors make a big difference. Don't feel sick before you go. 


UPDATE & EDIT: Trained properly in Greece Summer 2016 and got my open water qualification. When you are taught correctly it is extremely fun!!! 

sophiehprice sophiehprice

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We went to Egypt and did my first scuba dive off the beach, it was really cool. I then jumped off a boat and did a dive from there. 


Avreliane Avreliane

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I love water and one of my dream is to go under the sea (like the little mermaid) and see all the fish. 

I achieved my goal in December 2014 in Key West with some of my friends but I need to go deeper into the sea !

paperflake:) paperflake:)

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 Did my first scuba-dive at nha trang this Apr, great fun!

Nikkidutch Nikkidutch

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I got a Scuba Diving Certificate when I visited CenterParcs a long time ago. It was awesome!

emmsiebug emmsiebug

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 Absolutely amazing time!! I would recommend this to everyone and anyone. Even in a short period of time you get to experience the serenity of underwater life as well as seeing the amazing wildlife. Thank you to Adventure Underwater for this experience.

sarah.gascoyne sarah.gascoyne

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 Went at Nusa Dua in Bali. Amazing experience. Bit scary being so far underwater and relying so heavily on a tank of air. Got dark all of a sudden and I remember looking up and seeing a massive bait ball of thousands of fish. Incredible. Instructor motioned for me to sit cross legged on the sea floor, then told me to take my mouthpiece out. Sitting nearly 10 metres underwater, briefly with no air was one of the most heart-pounding amazing experiences 

abbie.evitts abbie.evitts

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I went scuba diving with my sister in summer '14 in Crypus, It was such a fabulous experience. I would love to do it again some time in the future


Maryvyl Maryvyl

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 Tried introductory dive - hope this counts! LOL

sandra_ursu@yahoo.com sandra_ursu@yahoo.com

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 I was really afraid at first, I even had nightmares the night before, but all over it was a great experience:) can't wait to try it again some day. 

Mariliacr Mariliacr

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The year I graduated from high school me, my class mates and our teacher went on a 5-day trip to a hot spring resort with the biggest water park with warm waters of the South America, here in Brazil. (Here it is a kind of tradition to travel with your friends and some teachers at the end of the year you graduate). And on that resort among the other stuff you could go scuba diving and so we went and it was awesome even though I got quite scared when we passed near a wrecked ship and some fishes that were pretty big.

brittvilla brittvilla

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I went scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico at a place called Chankanaab. Blake and I did it together. We got a 10 minute crash course in how to operate the equipment and what hand signals to use, then we jumped right into the ocean. We were under the water for 65 consecutive minutes. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was so amazing to be 30 feet underwater, touching the ocean floor. It was SO beautiful. We saw a few underwater statues, tons and tons of different fish, a huge eel, and we went through an underwater cave, which kind of gave me some slight anxiety because I was really paranoid that my face mask was going to fill with water and that I wouldn't be able to see to get the attention of the dive instructor or Blake to let them know I needed to go to the surface, and I couldn't just kick to the surface because we were in a cave. So yes, even though it was a wonderful experience, and so beautiful and I would definitely do it again, the first time with hardly any instruction was a little terrifying.

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