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lochnessa lochnessa

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Well, duh! This is like the one thing that most people have on their list. I wanted to do this because it scares the bejeezus out of me, and I want to conquer that fear. I mean, really. What's going to scare me after I have jumped out of a plane?

I did this for my 30th birthday! It was amazing - my friend Crystal and I did this and it was unforgettable. I am so glad that I got to share this experience with Crystal before she died. I'll always have that memory.

If you do decide to skydive, invest the money into having the video made. I am as cheap as they get, and I am so pleased that I splurged on the video.

LynnBourguignon LynnBourguignon

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This was sooooo amazing!

It was a gift for my 18th birthday of all of my friends. I admit I was a little bit scared at first, but maaan that was great! 

araustin88 araustin88

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It was a cool experience, definitely something you should do at least once in your life.  A little more expensive than I thought it was going to be, it cost $300 in all.  I'll definitely do it again one day, maybe in a place with a more scenic view, because where I was was just surrounded by farms.  It goes by so fast, so it's hard to appreciate the experience a little, but worth it overall.

janekoubell janekoubell

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Convinced my mom and brother to skydive with me together! 

One of the best feelings in the world!!


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Went for my 18th birthday with my older brother and two friends!

sofia_runs25 sofia_runs25

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Once in a lifetime experience! I got the photos and video package.  

carmenajones carmenajones

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 Did my first skydive on my 50th Birthday on April 29, 2018! Scary but loved it!

crystalcwarner crystalcwarner

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Absoultely terrified. I went skydiving because I'm afraid of heights. It was scary, scary as h*ll, but every time I face one of my fears, it gives me more confidence when facing my next challenge - if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.  

Paulaguy Paulaguy

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Did this on my last 6 month trip in April 2011 Queenstown, New Zealand. It has to be the scariest thing I've ever undertaken and I had no idea how much it would change my perception of life and the way to live it. This is hands down the most incredible and life changing thing I've ever done.

stormsturm stormsturm

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Beautiful 12,000ft skydive over Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Absolutely terrified before my jump but loved every moment! Most breathtaking views and easily one of the best things I have ever done. 



ross.kinard.9 ross.kinard.9

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Very good time, not scary like falling from a ladder, doesn't make u sick unless the guy on ur back decides he wants to make the parachute spin.  Very good trip and thanks to a very good friend.


kateokeepsdreaming kateokeepsdreaming

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Though the freefall wasn't my favorite as I had a difficult time breathing with all that wind!, the aftermath was beyond worth it. Once you pull the rip cord, you are graced with a few beautiful, breathtaking moments as a bird, floating through the air, taking in the view. Incredible. 

tmh34 tmh34

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I feel like this one is on everyone's bucket list. I had always said I wanted to do it but never seriously thought it would be something I would accomplish. It just seemed so crazy and scary and who in the heck would go with me? Then I met Emrald. This girl is always up for an adventure with me...anything to get our adrenaline pumping. We kind of jokingly mentioned it to her mom and BAM!, the next week we found ourselves in the car, on the way to the Skydiving Center in Alabama, stomachs fluttering, jamming out to Van Halen's Jump on repeat. Almost as soon as our feet touched back down, we were planning our next trip out there. Mother's Day that same year we went again, this time with my mama in tow as well! It is almost a yearly thing now.

Ibraheem-jug Ibraheem-jug

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I recommend everybody to try this amazing experiment in Dubai

Dubai is the best place, and the staff there are very nice. 

aurore.lab.5 aurore.lab.5

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Juin 2011 :)

martin.g.schmid martin.g.schmid

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In July 2013 with my dad 

Marlenetrrs Marlenetrrs

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I already did it


russellmackay93 russellmackay93

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Charity skydive when I was 16, absolutely cacking it going up in the awful plane, but entirely worth it.  

July 2009


perryandashley perryandashley

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 For my 27th Birthday, I decided to go skydiving. Only two weeks after we started dating, Perry decided that he would jump out of the plane with me. :) This was also the day that he got to meet my parents, my sister, and a number of close friends. I knew if that didn't scare him off, I was good.

no_boundaries28 no_boundaries28

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Definetly one of the best experiences ever, the adrenaline that rushes through your body can't be compared with any other feeling

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