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Go snorkelling

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AliceJustAnother AliceJustAnother

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Our entire trip to Sodwana was really fun! As for my first time snorkeling- I had some trouble adjusting to my free-diving fins... But once I was in deep water it was so easy to stay afloat. The only thing that made it a bit uncomfortable, was that my husband and I both got sea-sick from the boat ride. Otherwise, I would love to go do it again! Preferably on calmer waters with lots of cool things to see!

lowsirui lowsirui

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  • In Bali


missanita missanita

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Beautiful  clear water. Fiji really is heaven on earth.

aivetrujillo aivetrujillo

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I did it in more than once in the sea and in cenotes in México, my lovely country, I was so scared at the beginning, but then it was just magic !!!!!!! I cannot tell the experience, because each place is different there are more than 2000 cenotes to discover, so you just need to try once and then you will go for more :D


Wanderlust01 Wanderlust01

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I've been snorkeling so many times that I've lost count however the best experience I've had was snorkeling in the Med  ,the water is so clear and calm, such an amazing experience i would highly recommend it.

We went snorkeling in a small cove in Minorca above coral reefs and colorful fish , we were even lucky enough to see a baby turtle and a few squid. 


harpreet harpreet

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My husband and i did this in Barbados on our honeymoon ♡

RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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I have snorkelled all over the Carribbean and in the Maldives. It is such an awe-inspiring feeling, peacefully drifting along with these rainbow coloured fish gliding all around you. I have seen amazing coral reefs, beautiful fish, a ship wreck and sea turtles. Everybody should experience it. 


SabreLi SabreLi

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Go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, QD, Australia


Jassumms94 Jassumms94

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I loved Scuba Diving in Mexico, I went Scuba Diving at Akumal and went with the Turtles, Sting Rays and gorgeous fish. Was incredible.

danialdyy danialdyy

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Dominican / 2012


sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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Did snorkelling in Blue Cave, Okinawa.

sarah1777 sarah1777

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I thought I would really enjoy snorkelling because I'm like a fish. However, breathing through a tube was rough for me. It's an unsettling feeling especially when you are known to have panic attacks. Also, we were snorkeling near rocks which made me super nervous because every time a wave came, it would also push me into the rocks. Seeing tropical fish up close and personal was really cool though.


Tonje Tonje

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We went to Moreton Island (third largest sand island in the world) in Australia. It was so beautiful! We had a packed day of paddle bording and snorkeling, both were my first attempts. I was able to stand up a couple of times but fell down equals amounts of time. It was a lot of fun though and the ocean was crystal blue. 

Afterwards we snorkeled around a shipwreck and saw loads of marine life. It was so much fun but I struggled a bit with the technique of breathing through snorkel. I'm very glad we went all though I got very sunburnt (remember sunscreen next time!!!). 



anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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 When you're afraid of swimming in the sea, but you end up loving it! <3

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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The first time I went Snorkelling was on a school trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I always remember that if your Goggles fog up, then you must spit on the inside and wipe it around. Gross I know! Swimming was so tiring for me that I requested to swim out with a noodle :) But the last time I went snorkelling was in Fiji on the beach by the hotel. Years past on and I still get tired from swimming so I swam out with life jacket. Best idea ever!


Daria.s Daria.s

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04.11.2012 - Red Sea


tania.britto.12 tania.britto.12

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Thailand - February 2015


jeff.aubin.188 jeff.aubin.188

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I went to high school in Quebec and my school had a program where, in addition to all the normal classes, we spent half a day doing various outdoor activities. Sometimes it was something constructive, like learning how to use a compass, sometimes it was just fun, like hiking or playing volleyball. I spent four years in this program and, in senior year, they offer a trip to Cuba. It costs $1,500 and it lasts a week. I always wanted to travel and this was an opportunity to do it with my classmates and my friends, so I saved up all the money I could and went on the trip. I ended up being the only guy in a group of 12 students. Once we were there, the program was the same each day ; we'd do an activity in the morning, and then we were free for the afternoon. It was pretty cool, especially since our hotel let us borrow a kayak or a pedalo for free. On the second day, we visited the city of Cienfuegos and went to an indoor market. Our teacher, who came here twice a year, told us the bananas were great to attract fishes in the ocean. Since we were supposed to go snorkeling on the fifth day, we bought a big bag of baby bananas. They were about a third of the size of a regular one. Back at the hotel, me and four of my friends took a pedalo and went on the ocean. When we were far enough from the beach we tried snorkeling a little but there wasn't many fishes. We couldn't wait until the fifth day to see some so we went back to the hotel and took the bananas. We then went back on the ocean with the pedalo and tried throwing little banana pieces in the water. Let me tell you, this trick works incredibly well. Within seconds we were surrounded by fishes and they were all trying to eat the bananas. It was truly beautiful to see ! Let's just say that when we went snorkeling with the whole group, we didn't even have any banana left ! We tried going back a few times but we didn't see as much fishes, not even when we went far on the ocean by boat with the whole group. I do not know if this is the case everywhere in the world, but for those who want to go snorkeling, bring bananas if you want to see some action !

taman44 taman44

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Gesnorkeld in Maleisie tijdens onze huwelijksreis op Perhentian Island 

wycherley86 wycherley86

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We almost lost a guy out there...great story! 

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