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elfen elfen

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I go skiing every year with my partens. One year I tried snow boarding as well. 

Pickles Pickles

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 I first started skiing but decided I preferred snowboarding as it was more like surfing. I was proficient enough without being excellent. 

My girlfriend at the time was rather good at snowboarding so I fought hard to keep up with her.

This was before GoPros, so i dont have any good video or photos, but I still have the lift tickets attached to my snowboarding pants

jford jford

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 March 2013

I'd been once before, but believe in "pics or it didn't happen". This was the first time my brother Cordell went snowboarding and he finally found something he liked about visiting me.

NabilIbrahim NabilIbrahim

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 First time snowboarding, in Czech Republic

BiancaGardner BiancaGardner

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Very hard experience and I plan on going again soon hopefully!! I was terrible at it so fingers crossed that I'll be much better next time I go!

surf.is.everything surf.is.everything

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I went to Serra da Estrela in Portugal and I had a snowboarding class so it was very funny 

rlovett rlovett

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 Caroline, Alessandra and I went snowboarding today. A lot of bruises but many more good memories made. (03/09/2014)

BillBarton BillBarton

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Good fun. Only had one lesson so far but hope to have some more. Practised stopping on the heel and then on the toe, and just generally getting used to the balance needed.

bcoon bcoon

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Who knew toe-side turns could be so hard? Though I didn't shred down the slope on my first try, I figure that's a gnarly expectation anyway. With that being said, you better believe I'll be going back!

benconanwright benconanwright

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Nast Nast

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 Inside to lift, i'm 20 years old right here...My dad showed me how to love the winter sports

ahhvee ahhvee

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December 16th, 2012: VSA Winter Retreat- Snow Summit, Big Bear

Will, Tony, Khang, Kevin, Thao, Hau, Shane, Tommy, Thao, Vina, Vinny, Michael, Hoai, Justin, Jason

wheeler.gareth wheeler.gareth

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Travel to Europe and learn how to snowboard, then learn atleast two tricks... 360's and possibly flips or rail tricks - and board in some POW!  


Went to Val d'isere - went from beginner to doing black runs by the end of the week in chest deep powder between the trees - definitely one of the most enjoyable sports i have done!

AmyUnderwood92 AmyUnderwood92

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I have sucked both times, but I'll keep trying. 


natasha.thompson.7505 natasha.thompson.7505

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I'm a beast! Lol

vonhass vonhass

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In Colorado, March 2010

thijs.luijten@live.nl [email protected]

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 At first i was nervous and scared...

But when it came to the point i had so much fun!

Francolemann Francolemann

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Round Hill Ski Resort, Tekaop


lstephens lstephens

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Definitely not a snowboarder! Maybe I will try skiing sometime.

ardaipek ardaipek

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Snowboarding in the Alp mountains of France... what can i say more...


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