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Sara.Ruthnum Sara.Ruthnum

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There are few things in this world where you really feel a true and deep connection to mother nature. Or at least I find it a difficult task when Facebook, twitter and generally just my phone is a major distraction. But surfing was one of those things that is able to take you back to the beginnings and something I will never forget. Surfing is really just the perfect bucket list idea to add to your list.

My story starts at the beginning of my final year of collage at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Tofino is a surfers paradise and just happens to be a short ferry trip, and a few hours drive away. As a adventurous group of friends we went on the Annual UBC surf trip. And my life was forever changed.

For those of you that don’t know, Tofino is located in the Pacific North West. It’s not polar vortex cold, but it ain’t no tropical beach. It was chilly, but we were excited, so we suited up, carried our boards out to the beach and prepared to be the next Kelly Slaters in no time. There was one slight problem, the extent of our training was (and I quote) just paddle, paddle, paddle, and when you feel it, just up throw a shaka and ride it out.We rented our gear from an awesome local surf shop called Relec Surf Shop in Ucluelet (they are seriously the best) and set off to crush one of my top bucket list items.

Not the greatest instructions, but I had watched Blue Crush enough times to know what I was doing… I didn’t. The best way I can describe how my muscles felt the next day was (excuse my language) it felt like getting bitch slapped by mother nature. The ocean deserves our outmost respect.

But aside from that, the feeling when you finally figure things out (a little) riding a wave is incredible! What made this weekend truly memorable was achieving something that I wanted to do for so long with some of my closest friends.

If you’re near an ocean, or are ready to go on one heck of an adventure try surfing!

draenicoyco draenicoyco

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It was great!

Jrwhite Jrwhite

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Took lessons in Maui, Hawaii. Have a small scar on my left knee from falling onto coral.

Ruby. Ruby.

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So I convinced one of my friends who has a heap of surf boards and a little experience to take me out for a run on the waves!! It was really fun but I didn't stand up this time, maybe I will next time!!!

ashes1216 ashes1216

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 Try out a new sport that I have always wanted to do!

lereuward lereuward

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For our 40th birthdays, my friend Michelle suggested we try surfing! It wasn't something I would have done on my own, and I was really happy she suggested it. We spent a long weekend in San Diego, having a great time in the beautiful city, and visiting their world reknown zoo. Then, we took the plunge! We hired an instructor to show us how to get up on the board. Michelle had found someone who would also take some photos of us as we got up on the board. It was not easy! And, I fell off pretty quickly. But it was invigorating and enjoyable - and quite a memory to have with my very good friend!

dave.christopher3 dave.christopher3

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I learned to surf at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua with my brother. So much fun! Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because learning was tough because of bad sunburns, swallowing lots of seawater, and sometimes painful wipeouts. Highly recommended.

tara_says_hi tara_says_hi

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 Learnt to surf in Wales with friends. Good time and a lot of laughs when we fell off yet I managed to stand on the board alright so I am happy. Though the water was freezing so next time I surf I'll make sure to do it somewhere warm!

lpsan lpsan

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Me and some friends visited Eleanor in France, and she took me for surfing it was the best experience very tiring but soooooo worth it 

sarahfulton sarahfulton

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Mancora, Peru

Frille Frille

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Surf's up bitch

Lbopzicle Lbopzicle

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Katys 21st, Good Hangover Cure!!

samschlosser samschlosser

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in 2008 I learned to surf in Bali, Indonesia. In 2010 I went surfing again in New Zealand

sam.westover.37 sam.westover.37

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Went to Witch's Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and took 7 days of surfing lessons.  It was amazing.  Shelley is hooked on surfing, and I've decided that while I love catching waves, I'd rather do it prone, so I've bought myself a body board and some fins.



Luluxx Luluxx

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Learned to surf in Conwy, Wales on a wave machine

curt.sminkey curt.sminkey

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Took a 2-hour lesson at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, HI. Caught a few waves standing all the way up. Arms were sore for 3 days from all the paddling. Had a great time.


isthatyourdog isthatyourdog

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went surfing in hawaii at 39.  it wasn't pretty but the lesson was fun and my husband got it all on tape

ActivelyGlorify ActivelyGlorify

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Be a surfer for a day...  and I don't even care where.


Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.... 07/31/11

AlanaColumna AlanaColumna

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In California with my best friend Lisa. Biggest accomplishment was that I stood and rode on my surfboard my first try which is pretty rare. Rode some big waves also


isabelwatson isabelwatson

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Did this on camp!

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