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Smiz Smiz

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 i have been to lots of concerts over my years. being in a country town i started with country bands like Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand.. then when i grew up my first proper concert was Nine Inch Nails in 2005 at Horden Pavillion in Syd. Then i saw Marilyn Manson in 2009 at the Horden Pavillion in Syd. Recently i saw Halestorm and Bellusira at Russell Street in Melbourne. 

wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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It´s funny, as easy as it is to go to a concert, I´ve never been until now. I´ve been to a lot of festivals but not a concert. We took the chance to see Imagine Dragons in the Globe, Stockholm. The only band I´ve ever truly loved!

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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First "big one" was Whitesnake 2011 

delamae delamae

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 My first concert :) R5 just made it a better experience

jkwbucket jkwbucket

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went to p!nk concert few yeas ago it was amazing  and i was quite close to the stage :) love p!nk


brugernavn brugernavn

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Bring Me The Horizon - October/2/2013  

annaliesbronz annaliesbronz

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 I was surfing on Facebook and saw Cody's and Greyson's ad that they're on tour. My sister (not blood-related) Courtney took me and holy cow. That experienced changed my life; I was twelve. Shane Harper also starred in it. Afterwards there was a signing and my heart was filled with joy. Oh, and Alli Simpson signed my hand.

     The floor is yours... Attend a concert! There are local music festivals everywhere. Music is a language that is understood globally. Need a buddy? I'll head bang, dance, fist pump, and tag along with you.

mariapaz mariapaz

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 fui a ver a casi angeles dos veces (segunda y cuarta temporada) al gran rex y no es un concierto pero fue un show muy lindo

Soulvision Soulvision

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This was a concert of my favorite singer (at that time), Melissa Etheridge. I had a boyfriend who played guitar and i sang all of her songs. He surprised me by taking me to her concert in Amsterdam. I had the time of my life :) 

HannahRecord00 HannahRecord00

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Maddie and I went to MJT BRUNO MARS!! July 18th 2014 Verizon Wireless Center in Manchester NH


bloodandpearls666 bloodandpearls666

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I went to see Mudvayne, 10 years, and Korn. It was a birthday gift from my Dad and step-mom

trinitywalker trinitywalker

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Hunter Hayes and Lady Antebellum!!!

Down poured almost the entire time but soooo worth it. Summer2k15!

goalsaf goalsaf

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it was a unforgettable experience. my friends and i had an amazing time singing and dancing with our fav songs. i totally suggest you if you had the opportunity to go to a concert you should go without a second thought. even if the concert i went to wasn't as popular as a concert of rihanna e.g. we had an amazing time anyway


skyecielo skyecielo

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 We didn't get floor tickets, but so what? I'm too short to see over everyone anyway. I'm so glad we got to see the band and for them to perform as well as they do in the studio. There's just something so connecting about singing along with over five thousand other people to a song that you all love. 

Aeroyou Aeroyou

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 go to a concert of Puggy for the fourth time

​aller à un concert de Puggy pour la quatrième fois

crodzm69 crodzm69

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Divino's concert with Mom.



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Mi primera vez en Armando's, meseros guapos, una morenaza vendiendo cigarrillos, Jeanpi, pañoletas, burritos, cerveza cara y la mejor compañía de todas, ella. ♥ -F.

taylorbouchard taylorbouchard

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My first big activity of this summer was seeing Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and New Politics in concert. This was my first ever concert. I went with my best friend and my parents for my birthday. All the bands sounded amazing live. And I will admit I started tearing up a little bit when seeing Fall Out Boy preform. Overall, the experience was unreal. I'm so happy I went, and had the time of my life. 

SeanMcIntee SeanMcIntee

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Shapeshifter Dunedin Town Hall 13/07/13

Garfunkle92 Garfunkle92

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  1.  Trans Siberian Orchestra
  2. Newsboys
  3. Casting Crowns
  4. Nightwish
  5. Blue Man Group
  6. Yanni
  7. Jeremy Camp
  8. Aquire The Fire
  9. Walk Off the Earth
  10. Hollywood Vampires

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