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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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It´s funny, as easy as it is to go to a concert, I´ve never been until now. I´ve been to a lot of festivals but not a concert. We took the chance to see Imagine Dragons in the Globe, Stockholm. The only band I´ve ever truly loved!

Smiz Smiz

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 i have been to lots of concerts over my years. being in a country town i started with country bands like Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand.. then when i grew up my first proper concert was Nine Inch Nails in 2005 at Horden Pavillion in Syd. Then i saw Marilyn Manson in 2009 at the Horden Pavillion in Syd. Recently i saw Halestorm and Bellusira at Russell Street in Melbourne. 

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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First "big one" was Whitesnake 2011 

Hayleyj96 Hayleyj96

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Example!

simplysonja simplysonja

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Depeche Mode concert. I loved it <3 




mariapaz mariapaz

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 fui a ver a casi angeles dos veces (segunda y cuarta temporada) al gran rex y no es un concierto pero fue un show muy lindo

bfantini bfantini

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 I've been to a few concerts, but there are 2 that marked me: Mcfly and John Mayer. Not only because I love both but also because I went a long way to see them (especially Mcfly, which was in England - one (if not THE) of the best days of my life).

sheridan.sanders sheridan.sanders

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I went up to QLD for a 4 day trip by plane with Tash, slept at Sharon &Geoffs.

Awesome concert, bought some stuff (2 shirts and a fabric badge set).






sami99 sami99

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Hollywood Vampires in Zitadelle Spandau July 2018


kat.paddington kat.paddington

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Kylie, paolo nutini, lily allen, sugababes, hoosiers, t rextasy

SeanMcIntee SeanMcIntee

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Shapeshifter Dunedin Town Hall 13/07/13

Traveler21 Traveler21

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Justin Timberlake concert



vcor2170 vcor2170

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Because it would be my first time ever going to a concert and i would love to go see one of my favorite artists.

stephanieee711 stephanieee711

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My boyfriend loves country music almost more than he loves me haha so for Valentines day I thought it'd be sweet if I got him some Luke Bryan tickets and boy let me tell you those things are expensive and with my luck I picked a phony website that had 100 dollar service fee. So you could say i was pretty broke after that but i was worth it! Neither of us had ever been to a legit concert before so it was pretty exciting. The only thing is the closest Luke Bryan was performing to us was in Orlando which is a 4 hour drive. So, off to Orlando we went! He picked me up early from my house and we were on our way the first 40 mins or so consisted of us jamming and just enjoying the ride and next 30 mins we argued and so on lol no just kidding it was a fun ride and now i can cross off road trip with my best friend off my bucket list! So we got there and we were pretty early but we didn't know what expect that's why we wanted to be early so we parked and just hung out in the car for a bit, attempted to take a cute picture for about 10 minutes but it was working so we just settled with the one I'm posting lol than finally it was getting pretty close to the time so we decided to get out and grab a bite to eat before it started. On one side of the stadium (Amway stadium) was a cute little old fashioned looking town  that was kind of abandoned and hobos sleeping here and there and on the other side was the ghetto. So we stayed away from the ghetto side and decided to venture to the old looking town and avoid the hobos lol they were little places to eat and they had a undiscovered country band setup for people to enjoy before the concert. We walked all the way down and crossed a railroad track (thought that was cool because it was a neat looking railroad track lol) an found ourselves a little sushi restaurant that was really nice. After that we waited for the concert to start, We walked inside and it was huge and i got us really good seats to walking down the stairs to the stadium was so cool and the stage was just 20 feet away. The music started, and the opening singers were ____ and Randy Houser, Randy was pretty good but it was nothing like when Luke Bryan started he had awesome entrance standing on a Chevy and he is a great singer live me and Josh stood up for every song and got super into, ironically enough the crowd we happened to be around was mostly old people and didnt turn up but we ignored the fact that we were the only one standing and danced and kissed and jumped up and down. At first I thought the music was too loud but then it ended being everything  i thought it would be its such a cool feeling and now I just want to go to more concerts. In that moment you just have no worries or responsibilities, all you have to is sing along, during half time we got in these older ladies (40/50's) selfie and ended up making friends with them and they were drunk so it was pretty funny, they were both moms and although they were drunk they were still on mommy mode so they told us never do heroine, told Josh to spit that sh*t out his mouth(dip) or they would video tape us and send it to my mom & that he better get me home safe! Aside from that i thought Luke Bryan was pretty cute and told Josh because he tell me how pretty Carrie Underwood is but of course he got jealous and we had a spat over that which I find humorous and then around 12am we drove back (my parents wouldn't let us spend the night there) and I stayed up with the so he would be able to stay up driving and then we got to his house around 4/5 and took a nap till about 9 then got up and got some breakfast and I didn't have much with me so i looked like a zombie, thank God he loves me and we got there we were all delirious from our lack of sleep and seemed like we were on laughing gas. In a whole it was a whole a lot of fun and i wish a go back and just be in that moment with the person I love,good music and everything feeling so right. Cant wait till our next concert together!

rikkachu rikkachu

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The first band I saw was Capital Cities in January 2014 but that was in a mall and I was just standing outside, whereas I actually paid when I saw Mayday Parade

HannahRecord00 HannahRecord00

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Maddie and I went to MJT BRUNO MARS!! July 18th 2014 Verizon Wireless Center in Manchester NH


feuermoon feuermoon

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Yes, Ioved it! Very special!


Jofflin Jofflin

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I went with Alex, Kyle, Austin and I went to see Korn and Rob Zombie in concert. I ended up loving Rob Zombie’s showmanship! August 6th Summer 2010.

That day started with Alex and I going out to Olive Garden for dinner. Our waitress ended up giving us extra bread sticks, to go, for after the concert. I had also packed a small cooler of stuff to eat and drink, just in case we were starving. When Alex and I first arrived we had an hour to kill before the concert started, but we went in anyway because the line was extremely long! When entering DTE I was kind sad I didn't bring any cash with me. There were tons of vendors in the gathering area, selling all sorts of cool stuff. To my surprise the first vendor we came a crossed was selling Tokidoki stuff. (At the time I was really into it. I had a purse from that brand) the vendors were also selling odd things like bongs and super short shirts for ladies, but based on the biker/punk crowd, that fit! I almost flipped when I saw a sterling silver crow skull necklace. (For I am and will always be an extreme crow lover!) Alex and I both got shirts. I got a black tank top styled Korn shirt and he got a Rob Zombie shirt, which he gave to me after finding out it was a ladies shirt. We found a spot on the lawn (that's right lawn seats, woot, better for my ears) to sit and watch some of the opening bands. It was fine, until the crowd got crazy. They started throwing drink cups, clumps of the lawn, whatever they could find. I ended up getting hit in the back of the head with a partially empty beer cup; It didn’t bother me that much. Then when Rob Zombie got on stage the crowd was at maximum energy. People were going nuts, starting mosh pits, and throwing whatever they could find; I was pretty sure the people next to us were smoking weed. I didn’t mind in the least because it was exciting. I felt like that as the crowd’s energy rose so did mine. Latter in the evening Alex saved me from walking into a violent mosh pit circle on my way to the restroom. Kyle and his brother were there too. I feel like they had a lot of fun as well. Near the end Korn ended up on stage an hour later than they were supposed to. During their third song they were cut off by the sound guys because DTE had a sound restriction after 11pm. People were so mad that they didn’t get to see the band they had come for. It was an insanely mad dash to the parking lot. People were flying down the hills (it reminded me of wilder beasts migrating) toward the exits. Alex and I almost got separated and we run into a pine tree or two on the way down before we found a way to get out of the fenced off area. I knew it would be a long wait to leave the parking lot so Kyle, Alex, and I sat in the car munching away on the food we had brought; which ended up being good because we were all staving by that point. It took us two hours or so of waiting for the parking lot to clear out enough for us to leave. I rolled the windows down as we sped away; A lovely cool night.


joacim.k.larsson joacim.k.larsson

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Eric Clapton, Globen in Stockholm, Sweden.2011-06-08 just 2 days before graduation :) 


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Mi primera vez en Armando's, meseros guapos, una morenaza vendiendo cigarrillos, Jeanpi, pañoletas, burritos, cerveza cara y la mejor compañía de todas, ella. ♥ -F.

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