Go to a drive in movie theatre

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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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My girlfriend invited me out to the drive-in... Loved it, even though the radio kept shutting off every 20 minutes..!

HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 We were in the front row so we had the best view. We brought pillows, blankets, crisps and popcorn to get in the "movie mood" We saw the Dictator which is always good fun! ^_^ 

jstansbury jstansbury

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 Went with some friends to a drive in movie theater to see Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. It was a blast. Took blankets and pillows and the four of us layed together in the back of a pickup truck. We ended up just chatting and taking selfies most of the time, totally ignoring the movie. Pretty cold night but it was really warm with the 50,000 blankets we had. :)

Lexy Wrightson Lexy Wrightson

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 Me and stu went to see horror flick "mama" at M & Ds :) it was great! The only downside was finding a good space to view the film in the smallest car in the world ( mini clubman) haha. I've always seen drive in movies in American films and vowed that one day I would go.


this is a photo of the car- if only you could see the comparison to the big screen or even the other cars haha

anmccu anmccu

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A date with my boyfriend and family to see grown ups 2 and White House down

MikkelFaurby2670 MikkelFaurby2670

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This isn't the only time I have watched a movie at a drive-in theatre but it is the most recent. It was a tradition in my family that we would go see The Pirates of the Caribbean at the drive-in theatre in Lyngby whenever a new one came out. This was why that I invited one of my really close friends Tobias to come share this experience. Also I figured that watching Fast Five in anything but a car was acceptable. Unfortunately this was also in the middle of my exams so despite having a great time I must admit that I didn't catch the last couple of minutes of the movie as I fell asleep in the end due to exhaustion and the late hour of the movie. Movie was great but watching it with a friend at a drive-in theatre only made it that much nicer.

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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2004: Drive-In in Iowa


karlathegreyt karlathegreyt

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Ahh, Lubbock, quaint Lubbock. So glad you have fun stuff to do in your western-skied, arid-aired beauty.


TheMargorita TheMargorita

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I've been going to drive-in movies since I was very young, with my family.  We had several drive-ins we went to.  Two I remember were Cinema 77 and the Beacon Drive-in in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  The first movies I have a memory of seeing at the drive-in were Hatari with John Wayne and Hud with Paul Newman.  Our father forbid us from going to drive-in movies with boys when were of dating age.  The Beacon is still in business and I try to go there at least once every summer.

matt.warman.7 matt.warman.7

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Went to watch Grease at a drive in, loved it!

disorderlymentation disorderlymentation

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Part of an awesome day with my friends David, Steven, & Alex! (: Watched Maleficent. It was a good experience!  

confusering confusering

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This was so fun. I saw Ready Player One with my friend Jess at the Mansfield Drive-in. 

stephanieee711 stephanieee711

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So this was a lot of fun I wish drive-in theaters were more common because they're sweet! :D. Fortunately, there is one about 20 minutes away from where I live right now (Lighthouse Point house) at a place called the swap shop. I've wanted to see what one was like because I only ever saw them in movies so Josh and I went together. When got there it was only about 10 dollars, we couldn't decide what movie to watch so we drove around a little to decide what looked good, we parked in the back so we could have some privacy and tuned in to the movie.The screens were so big it felt like a front row seat from anywhere. At this point I can't tell you what movie we watched because we were movie hopping and I didn't care to much for the movies on. In all it was a fun experience that I'm glad I got to do. Hopefully, when I get my Jeep or when Josh gets his truck we can do it again!

inesje.d inesje.d

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Met Charlotte Verboven! Bad neighbours

timmonshayley timmonshayley

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 When I was little Mama and daddy took me to a drive in theatre a couple of times. I can't remember what we watched although I think one time we watched Men In Black. 

jerome.nome.1 jerome.nome.1

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There used to be one at the bottom of Scott Rd. Now there is a Home Depot there. :( No idea what movie we saw but I was in elementary school at the time. There is one in Cloverdale and at some point I would like to take the kids there.

funnywuzzy13 funnywuzzy13

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I have been a couple of times now, but most recently I went with my wonderful boyfriend Michael and we had a really nice time.

roxanne1980 roxanne1980

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completed in my childhood - want to take my daughter

OrcaSpitt OrcaSpitt

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Warwick, NY.  Gone a few times for double features.  

hellolovely hellolovely

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//edit// did it in slo, with APO friends the qrt i pledged

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