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Sara.Ruthnum Sara.Ruthnum

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The organization at Boonstock was the most poorly arranged events I have ever been to. Penticton was beautiful, but dissapointed with the security, organizers and ever the lack of lighting. 


JGartner JGartner

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Lollapalooza 2015 in Berlin


Pickles Pickles

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 Enjoyed the Big Day Out 2010 festival, some of the bands were Muse, Powderfinger, Rise Against, Grinspoon. I also attended 2011 and saw Tool, Rammstein, Iggy and the stooges.

I have enjoyed Day on the Green a few times and even hung out with Dave Gleeson from the Screaming Jets ( if you havent heard them youtube a song called " Better" it rocks)

Nico19 Nico19

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My first festival was The Big Day Out ‘93.

i went to a few Glastonbury festivals and other UK festivals in the 90s. 

madalena.1712 madalena.1712

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kabraham4978 kabraham4978

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Half moon festival 

_ceciremy_ _ceciremy_

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This summer, I went to the Sweetlife Food and Music Festival in Maryland. It was so fun and I got to see Marina & The Diamonds finally! It was such a great experience and the food was amazing!


marko.dzambic marko.dzambic

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ADE is the best experience in my whole life!


Dreamcatched Dreamcatched

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Shannon Elizabeth Shannon Elizabeth

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 Glastonbury 2015

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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Some girlfriends and I attended Brian Culbertson's Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, June 10-14, 2015!


iulia1m iulia1m

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EDC Las Vegas - most beautiful weekend of my life. Thousands of people dancing under the electric sky.

scarlett2242 scarlett2242

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 It was amazing! We stayed for a week and every second was exciting. My favourite part was all the circus peformers that were there. Everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. If you wanted to, you caould party all day and all night because there was live music playing 24/7. The only bad thing was the toilets, in other words the small woulden boxes that smelt really bad and were constantly surrounded by flies. But other then that, I loved luminate.

lyndafree lyndafree

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 Kaaboo 2016

adamuffins adamuffins

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I went to Bonnaroo in 2013. I went with the goal of seeing Paul McCartney and along the way I discovered a whole different world of positive vibes that I definitely want to revisit.


Alunah Alunah

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Reading 2005 Glastonbury 2007 Download 2010 Download 2011 Sonisphere 2011 Bloodstock 2011 Damnation 2011 Bloodstock 2012 Damnation 2012 Download 2013 Bloodstock 2013 Damnation 2013 Bloodstock 2014 Damnation 2014

emmysadventures emmysadventures

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Went to Download 2011 with Uni friends, saw loads of bands including Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, Bring Me The Horizon, Korn, Alice Cooper, The Darkness, Hollywood Undead, The Pretty Reckless, Skindred, Black Stone Cherry and Disturbed! Camped out for 5 days, went on rides and ate some really good noodles :)


atle.frydenlund atle.frydenlund

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 Hove festival in Norway

Xhighonlife Xhighonlife

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Great people, good music and fabolouse memories !  I even brought along a gentleman that has really stolen my heart. Thank god for great friends and a great guy who is just happy to help when u had enough to drink.

sophiejean71 sophiejean71

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I went to the music festival Firefly this past June and it was incredible. My 4 friends and I camped the entire time, and although it rained every night it wasn't that bad. We saw some incredible acts, ate great food that wasn't overly priced and we met some awesome people there too. It was like another world over there and I am so excited to go back next year


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