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bosselaj bosselaj

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Went for my brother's 16th birthday.


adriana.j.gill adriana.j.gill

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Learning how to shoot a gun has been more than just a one time trip to the gun range! Going to the shooting range though allowed me to essentially test drive the activity, and it has since become a hobby that my husband and I get to enjoy together. Especially in the spring and fall, we make time to head to Blue Mountain Reserve in Westchester county and try our luck at shooting trap. It's been a challenge that I have quite a long night way to master, but I'm sticking to it! Persistence and practice is key here and I can tell you that it's been very rewarding to hit clays when there's signs of consistency. 


kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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When we were on holiday in Orlando my family and I went the Orlando gun club. It was a very surreal experience in that you could just walk right into the range and pay for a few rounds and then shoot at a target. It's definitely something I'd recommend to anyone who goes to the US and wishes to try it. It was also kind of scary, you don't realise just how much recoil there is after you pull the trigger, they make it look super easy in the movies.

larrygirl4444 larrygirl4444

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I live at the range


Farachavarria Farachavarria

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pathakshivangi pathakshivangi

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 Scary,exciting,fun all in one.

Tigress2111 Tigress2111

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 I don't like weapons and I used to be judgmental about people who do, Now I gave it self a try - coming out of my comfort zone. Still can't see the sense in it, yet I did it! 

beatriceasumankinas beatriceasumankinas

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Awesome day  

kathryntrecartin kathryntrecartin

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 Took my first trip to the range the day before my birthday. Lots of fun!

SlimDreams SlimDreams

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Got to shoot an AR-15 for the first time and my new handgun. Has turned into a great hobby


sarah1777 sarah1777

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There is nothing better to relieve stress than shooting targets with my dad.


tcoleman322 tcoleman322

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My ex-boyfriend took me here and I felt so empowered. I was afraid to go, but once I did it, I was ready for the next thing.

bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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One of the first outings that my future husband and I did when we first starting dating. Needless to say - I would have been eaten by zombies because I can't shoot worth a damn!

PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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The feeling of firing a gun was absolutely amazing, would do it again and again! It also confirmed to me that people should not have guns in their houses or carry them on themselves.

lisa515 lisa515

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Clay's dad was/is a shooter.  He taught me how to shoot and I shot a gun for the first time with him.  I've never been since, but not because of any moral judgment about it.  It was fun, and I did pretty good. 

Garfunkle92 Garfunkle92

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 Kyle took me to the range to shot his .45. Oh my god I'm terrible. 

Went skeet shooting with George and Brandon at Holiday in the Pines

cawilding89 cawilding89

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 Managed to get myself to a gun range in Las Vegas with a friend in 2013. The noise was like nothing I imagined and confirmed to me that I don't ever want to be on the receiving end of a shot fired! 

nic512 nic512

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This past Father's Day; me, my stepdad, and my stepbrother, all went to Gander Mountain to celebrate the holiday. We all went to the shooting range there, where my stepdad taught us how to us a gun. (meaningful) 

Purrfectfire Purrfectfire

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 It was raining and we where supposed to visit the Yellowstone park, but it was way to wet. So we decided to give the shooting range a ‘shot’. They advertised to shoot the guns from your favorite movie and it was more fun than I thought it would be. 

araustin88 araustin88

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It is what it is, I've been to a few outdoor shooting ranges and it's relatively fun if you like guns and shooting targets.  I got to shoot a 10 gauge shotgun and trust me it had some pretty sweet recoil, all in all pretty fun.


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