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warrior_mik warrior_mik

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after drunky night, with friends decided to go in night club to have lap dance. It was cost 20€ for 3minutes. A lot money for average looking woman.


twistedjupitor twistedjupitor

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 It wasn't a terrible experience but the only dancer who approached us basically said women weren't as welcome because they tend to start drama. She kinda labeled all women who visit strip clubs as "girls reluctantly coming with bfs/hubbys to keep an eye and start shit". It was kind of upsetting because I came for me but she invalidated that despite the fact I didn't have a man with me.Once we got past that though it was a fun time. Got a duel lap dance with my best friend. Was not expecting how personal things get and wound up with a nipple in my mouth but GOOD TIMES. I'd try it again but with a different club maybe

julita670 julita670

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Girls will do everythi g for money :)

Parkersaurus Parkersaurus

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In Calgary AB during Stampede. Didn't live up to the expectation- maybe I'm not into objectification. Dancers were talented, but I just couldn't get into it like the other guys. Still, I did it so it's off the list!

QuirkyCuriousity QuirkyCuriousity

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Spring 2009, went with boyfriend and friend. Got couples lapdance. (Nashville)

Joenny16 Joenny16

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Even got boobs all over my face. Intense experience! :D  

ALamano ALamano

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I've only visited these places a handful of times. The best was in Crystal City, VA with my brother over lunch.  I forget the name but it was infamous - family, run, clean and friendly - with good food! And the dancing was more erotic, sensual than vulgar, unlike so much drek on TV and in the movies now...

smartford smartford

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These are one of those things that everyone should experience, even if its just once and only once.

I went to the Glitter Gultch in Las Vegas, and I must say, I was HIGHLY disappointed. For my very first time at a strip club I was not impressed. First of all, they said it was free admission. I thought, SCORE!! but no...really, it was free to get in but it was a 2 drink minimum per person. So really, it was $44. Then it had to of been amature night because the girls (only 4 and not all at once) were not very good. None of them were really dancing (one looked like she was coked out and was just standing there looking like she had mini convultions and checking herself out in the mirror the whole time). Another girl was pissed that the two guys that were sitting at the stage, didn't want to go into a private room with her, so when it was her time to go on stage, she didnt do anything! She litterally just squated down and played on facebook with another girl. Some girls came up to us trying to solicate things, but didn't get very far. I told one girl that if she spun on the pole, I'd give her money. Finally, as we were about to leave, the one girl was on stage and did a small twirl on the pole. I'm proud to say, she got $1.

But sheesh...unless that was a total waste and just an unlucky night, I really don't see what guys find so attactive/entertaining about strip clubs..

bucketlist - check...opinion - lame.


chelbelle3288 chelbelle3288

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hilarious.. i was so drunk and laughed the whole time i was there. Ryan Fiano and I were asked if we wanted to see a trick and a stripper winked her butt at us! Vic sat alone at the end of the stage like a pervert haha

Blink182_sk8er Blink182_sk8er

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After Graduation

ryan2610 ryan2610

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Fun with a group of people, NEVER go alone, creepy...

golden_lily golden_lily

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Went for husband's buddy's 21st with seven other people. I was the only one underage, I'd never met anyone but his buddy before, and it was a two hour drive there and more than four back because we hit morning rush hour.

But, on the plus side, the girls were hot.

bbsmc430 bbsmc430

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Went to a strip club with co-workers.  It was a male and female strip club.  It was ok but not something I am dying to do again.

ayana.nikolai ayana.nikolai

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Not really that great. Bonus was that girls get in for free if there are no guys in the group. YAY!

christineyuu christineyuu

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@prague. not my thing. i was thinking about feminist theory the whole time and wondering about the debate over whether or not stripping/etc constituted female empowerment or female oppression.

but at least i can cross this off the list.

Rebeccaf612 Rebeccaf612

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 My husband and I have been to two female strip clubs.  One in Philadelphia called Delilah's and one in West Virginia.  It was a lot of fun!

Suzysmoments Suzysmoments

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1999 Italy


ElizbethJohnMalikayil ElizbethJohnMalikayil

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Went today to the strip club with my friend Sujit!! Great experience!!

Also got my face rubbed between boobs!! Lol. That's a first as well!!


mealexandra mealexandra

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I've been twice. Both times with Laura. Once in New York and the other time in Baltimore. 


letitiab92 letitiab92

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I want to see what all the fuss is about and why men are so obsessed.

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