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Spunkygirl11 Spunkygirl11

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First time wine tasting and it was awesome! Learned so much and had a great time exploring new wines.

Pickles Pickles

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I visited 8 wineries in one day with my partner. They are all so close together that you can actually walk between each of  them. We got a map, put a few things in a back pack and we started visiting each cellar door. At the wineries you are given a list of wines available for tasting, after working through each wine my partner and i would rate them and decide which ones we liked and mark that down on the sheet and then continue on to the next winery.

By the end of the day we were both pretty hammered but kept track of our wine preferences. We ended up back at our villa eating cheese and drinking the only bottle of wine we purchased that day. We must have walked about 10km in total for the day.

The next day we went back and purchased all the wines we really liked....using the car as our mode of transport.


zanelucane zanelucane

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  Amazing time while getting drunk early in the morning.

PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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I have been wine tasting in Niagara-on-the-lake and in the Finger lakes

dadum86 dadum86

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15 wines 2 spirits and a view of the sea

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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 Went to wine tastings during my trip to Napa Valley for the Brian Culbertson's Napa Valley Jazz Getaway.

marydelta marydelta

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 I live in Northern California and we have great local wineries! I used to casually try wines, and/but my boyfriend and I decided to really try to develop our palattes... it's been so neat to discover the differences and fall in love with the wine culture here; enjoy! :) 

Riley94 Riley94

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Hermann with Emily (obnoxious Jess) and jim 

feuermoon feuermoon

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Port-Wine-Tasting at Grahams, Porto. Alone! That was the challenge! It was great!

Additional it was in English! Very good experience.

Robin1880 Robin1880

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 In a local wine shop just outside of Bordeaux, we enjoyed some of the nice wines provided by the rich and tasty grape farms in the West of France. We took a wine tasting course where we decomposed 6 different wines from sweet white to dry red. At the end of the course, we were given a report which included our personal tastes and wines, calculated by a computer program.

Pershell Pershell

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 Napa Valley is really beautiful. There are hundreds of vinyards to experience. Great food great wine.

Mel@niecom Mel@niecom

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I visited Overbrook Mountain Vineyard in Tryon, NC.  I went to hear Johnnie Blackwell play an acoustic set and attend a wine tasting.  

PandaJenn PandaJenn

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 Did the Wine and Chocolate winery tour with my sister and our boyfriends.  Stayed in a cute Airbnb and had a driver take us around.  Unfortunately my mom and dad couldn’t come as my mom had an emergency appendectomy the day before we went! (She’s recovered well and IS able to eat as much chocolate and drink as much wine as she’d like now!) will go again!

kwschlosser kwschlosser

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Love love love

bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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San Luis Obispo Weekend for friend's Bachelorette Party. We hired a limo to drive us around the vineyards to do wine tasting. We brought along our friend the blowup doll to the festivities with hilarious results. Good times!


sarah1777 sarah1777

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I don't drink but these people had me feeling very comfortable LOL

emma.beynon08 emma.beynon08

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Djdeno Djdeno

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Part of a weeklong trip through Italy during my Semester Abroad.  

Ryan Tharpe, Tae Hoon Kim, Haley Loughran

Rikusha Rikusha

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It was another city and wine, so it's was perfect.

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