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Yar Yar

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I backpacked around the country for a year!

bilbaroo bilbaroo

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 Dream trip - like most teens in the UK have - basically to go the furthest place from home where it's hot, sunny and beautiful!

jeremy.jr jeremy.jr

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It was a really nice trip from Sydney to Brisbane with a hop on Fraser Island. I made my best dive till now at Byron Bay.


IvanBliminse IvanBliminse

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Well that happened.

It was a nice place with nice weather and some lovely wildlife, Oh except the "Lesser Relative" - I did not like this creature it only ever did stupid things that seemed like it wanted to be hated by the human race, but oh well at least they are on the other side of the world now. 

Well the main achievements there were of course the great barrier reef, seeing the wildlife you know the basics but we also climbed a mountain which was fun i guess.


tamarabernardot tamarabernardot

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From Noosa to Sydney


champagne_and_shots champagne_and_shots

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Had the most amazing trip of a life time travelling up the East Coast of Australia for 28 days. We went to Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef and Melbourne.

Sydney was my favourite place, I fell in love with the city as soon as I stepped off the plane.

crackerjack crackerjack

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December 2010

LearningToLive86 LearningToLive86

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Absolutely loved this, went to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns and the Barrier Reef.  Wonderful experience, would love to do it again though, more in depth, spend longer out there and experience it more by working and socialising etc.

Shablam Shablam

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AidaBamCham AidaBamCham

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angelwithcurls angelwithcurls

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I studied abroad in Sydney for a semester in 2005

ruin0us ruin0us

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for a wedding, miss this place so much

Takamisa Takamisa

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loveyourlife loveyourlife

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Was able to tour Australia and attend school for a semester at Flinders Uni.

BoutiqueLover BoutiqueLover

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March 2010 - for my best friend's wedding.  Spent a month there on the west coast - amazing beaches, great wine and lovely hot sun!

Hope to go back one day to do the east coast...


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I flew internationally for the first time in my life on April 8th.  It was the furthest I've ever gone on my own.  After traveling for ~30 hours and enduring four airports I arrived in Melbourne, VIC Australia and spent a week touring the city and surrounding areas.  The city was much like any other city.  Very beautiful and reminded me in some respects of Chicago.  It was very clean and well kept, but there was graffiti everywhere.  The city and surrounding areas almost seemed to embrace it.  Surrounding towns were a bit behind the times and I was surprised to find that they didn't accept credit or debit cards in some of the smaller towns.  There was a lot of beautiful architecture (victorian and modern styles combined) and the city was very colorful, the trees were absolutely fascinating and the beauty of the great ocean road and Twelve Apostles was as gorgeous as you would imagine them to be from pictures.  Driving on the "wrong" side of the road and having the steering wheel on the passenger side of the vehicle was a very difficult adjustment and could be quite dangerous for those visiting the area.  Areas away from the ocean and city were much like what I'm accustomed to seeing in KY in the spring time, beautiful, green rolling hills and open land.  I didn't encounter any Koala bears or Kangaroos during my stay, other than signs and the Kangaroo steaks in the local grocery stores!  :oO  Definitely a trip of a lifetime and a place that everyone should take the opportunity to see if they get a chance.        

GotSizzuhs GotSizzuhs

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Sydney :3

emilycec emilycec

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Visited Sydney and Melbourne!

g4rnet g4rnet

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