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Alberte Alberte

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 Went to Spain with my soccer team, where we spent time by the ocean, played soccer and walked around the streets of Barcelona!

diana.maria diana.maria

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Awesome city, had lots of fun! Would go back anytime. 

reenac08 reenac08

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 Barcelona is glamorous, easy and affordable.Well connected internationally as well as domestic. 

jackie.j.maier jackie.j.maier

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Visited Barcelona. Saw Gaudi's Familia Sagrada. Went on a pub crawl.

HP_Always HP_Always

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 I did it several times, the first time it was my birthday gift for my 19th anniversary from my brother and 2 of my friends. The second time I did it in july 2014 with my sister. In 2016 I did it with my cousin, I went there few days to see someone and I'll be going back in few days with another cousin

JobDikkenberg JobDikkenberg

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Met het Groenhorst Barneveld, waar ik dierverzorger recreatiedieren heb gestudeerd, hebben we een vakantie naar Barcelona gemaakt. We zijn met de bus vertrokken om een rit van zo'n 18 uur te maken. In deze week verbleven we in een hostel "Equity Point Gothic". Het was een actieve vakantie. We hebben een bezoek gebracht aan "Parc Zoologica de Barcelona" de dierentuin van Barcelona en "L'Aquarium de Barcelona". We hebben langs de "La Sagrada Familia" gereden, het was namelijk te druk om naar binnen te gaan. We hebben een bezoek gebracht aan "Camp Nou" het stadion van FC Barcelona. We hebben de "Montserat" beklommen, een berg vlakbij Barcelona en we hebben een bezoek gebracht aan het "Casa Musea Gaudi" gebracht. En 's avonds natuurlijk kroegen bezocht o.a. kroegen aan de "Les Rambles" en aan het strand van Barcelona gelegen

julia_lacaz julia_lacaz

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Biking in Barcelona, Gaudi's house/park, Sagrada Familia, etc...

It was great! :D

reddivingsuit reddivingsuit

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Barcelona is truly a unique city! 

ng93 ng93

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 Most amazing week ever! 

22/05/2016 - 29/05/2016

Although it was totally stressful finding our hostel at midnight (almost in tears) I had the most amazing holiday and met the most amazing people :)

jessica.ascenso jessica.ascenso

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 One of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Kholden Kholden

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My best friend and I booked a budget flight and hostel on La Rambla in Barcelona for 8 days. We rode the open top bus around the city in the day, and drank €2.80 mojitos in a tiny Spanish bar every night. One of my all time favourite cities and holidays. If you are lucky enough to visit Barcelona, pay a visit to Park Guell. The park showcases the work of Gaudi and it left me speechless and covered in goosebumps. Simply stunning. 


fer.vdvliet fer.vdvliet

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Very nice couple we meet there on a terrace they help us to step into the good subway to go to the ramblas, look at the picture we made. The ramblas was beautifull lots of shops and great old buildings. We go to Gaudi park but it was closed because the ticket machine was broken. We saw a man in clothes without a head it was very funny. But i fell sorry about him because it was very hot that day and he make people laughing. Thankx Spain i have a great day there and i hope that ill come back to see the beauty of Gaudi park and maybe the strangers who lead us to the Ramblas.

marydelta marydelta

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 I particularly liked the Gaudi architecture everywhere! :) 

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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You'll always find something to do, discover or eat. It doesn't matter if you stay a week or month, you'll always miss something and will need to go back.


xmerel98 xmerel98

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a couple of years ago I went to Barcelona with my parents and my little brother! It was beautiful 

edillin14 edillin14

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Part of my European Trip during my Junior year of High School. It was beautiful and I plan to go back someday. 


alliyahm15 alliyahm15

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Barcelona was absolutely gorgeous and let me tell you the Sangria's there were phenomenal (: 


Gliza Gliza

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One of the best experiences in my life


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I've seen all the awesome sights and the city is really interesting and colorful, it was an amazing experience.


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Barcelone est une ville incroyable  

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