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the moose are amazing.... :) 

lilaalejandra lilaalejandra

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 I went to live with my kids for 2 years. It was scary going all by myself and not knowing  a lot of people or the country itself but I would do it all over again!! Great learning experience, lots of challenges, fun and growing up. 

almeda.christine almeda.christine

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Such a beautiful country! Everything is very green and the air is extremely fresh. I spent my entire trip being outdoors and hiking, so I wouldn't recommend visiting unless you're planning on doing that. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

lyndafree lyndafree

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 For Andrew and Karmen's wedding.  With Rob & Lisa McNichol.

shanfly87 shanfly87

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We walked into Canada to go on a Falls Night Tour... Niagara falls was lit up by lights on the Canadian side. It was so beautiful and so much fun!!! 

@iman @iman

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Went to Winnipeg and Banff, it was amazing. Especially the lakes at Banff. Had so much fun and did so many hikes.

sbkaufma sbkaufma

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wideawake42 wideawake42

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Took a ferry to Victoria from Washington, was Couchsurfing there and in Vancouver. Would have been amazing except we got unexpectedly hassled by the Canadian border patrol who didn't like that we only had backpacks and didn't fit their idea of fat rich American tourists overloaded with bags. Still. Saw the Sooke potholes, did the Grouse Grind. Loved it. Met cool folk. Canada is way chill.

UnwrittenLife914 UnwrittenLife914

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Visited British Columbia with my love. Hiked some of the most beautiful trails, kayaked to a waterfall, ate poutine, took a taxi boat to the open air market, enjoyed my life!

amy.owl amy.owl

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 I went there with my parents, sister Allison, and an exchange student that was living with us named Kerri. We played tag a lot in the wide medow areas.

The second time I went me and my family went to Niagara Falls. 


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The summer right after my senior year of high school I went to Canada. I was in a drum and bugle corp at 18 yrs old. We did competitions up and down the east coast of the USA and went into Canada a bit. My memories include practices, friendly locals with mild Canadian/French accents asking questions about who we were and where we were from, stories of my mother smoking (cigarettes, of course) behind the corn fields, etc. Trevor Jones, R.I.P.

jim.gray.146 jim.gray.146

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 Didn’t have a lot of time but enjoyed my visit here.

beatrizmaguire beatrizmaguire

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 Drove 6 hours to Canada , best road trip ever did this on my own

ivania.jenkins4 ivania.jenkins4

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jesmat jesmat

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Lived in MTL for 2 years: the greatest years of my life!


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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 I was only in Canada for a few days, but the main reason I went was to visit Niagara Falls. We stayed just up the road from the falls and it was a 2 and a half hour drive from the airport. There wasn't much to do their but just soak in the view of the Niagara Falls. Mum & I went on the Niagara cruise that took us right by the falls. It was such a great experience! Plus you got to get wet on a very hot day.

shannongould shannongould

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Well... I was born here.

I want to travel my backyard and visit every province. I've gotten quite a few, but still have lots to see.

British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba ONTARIO (born here) QUEBEC  Newfoundland & Labrador PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND NOVA SCOTIA NEW BRUNSWICK 


bilbaroo bilbaroo

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Made it - arrived in May for two years! 

baederp baederp

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Love Canada!


heather3 heather3

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I went to St. John's Canada with my dance studio to perform our production of Giselle. It was an amazing experience and I was so glad to share it with my family and close dance friends.


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