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marydelta marydelta

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 I went to UC Santa Barbara and transferred to UC Santa Cruz; my degree is in literature and that was a good choice for me. Went to grad school at Palo Alto University and loved every second of it! 

inbrz94 inbrz94

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Went to college and finished BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services with Distinction* Distinction* Distinction*.

MarissaShanelle MarissaShanelle

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I am currently attending a four year private university and loving it!


Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I graduated from East Tennessee State University in May, 1987, graduated with a major in English and a minor in Microbiology. 

marthavrdrbrgg3 marthavrdrbrgg3

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I will have attended and graduated with a major in Neuroscience while on the pre-med track.


shanfly87 shanfly87

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22 success stories

 I made some of my very best friends and have some of the greatest memories!

caritrud@hotmail.de caritrud@hotmail.de

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Bought a flight, chose some courses, became a Florida Gator! #semesterabroad #florida2012

Gbh914 Gbh914

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43 success stories

Graduate from college!


Tolnykina Tolnykina

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7 success stories

 UJOP UK, Prague

tiaraamany tiaraamany

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20 success stories

Recently completed. I was accepted to Tenth of November Technology Institute in Physics Engineering, and I am so happy about that. Even though it's not exactly the initial college that I hoped for, it's a great choice nonetheless because I think this is what Allah thought is the best for me.

vildefs vildefs

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 Started at Volda University College to become a teacher. 

atrib atrib

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 I currently am attending Augusta University in Georgia, majoring in nursing. I want to go on and later pursue my doctorate in nursing anesthesia. Also, in addtion, I want to work as a forensic nurse. 

daboosh10239 daboosh10239

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 I went to West Point and currently going to UCLA, it's been kool =)

Fraterlucis Fraterlucis

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I earned my B.A. in English with a minor in classical studies with honors in May 2003. This was by far the best time of my life, as far as my school years go, far more fun than my high school days. The honors college and the teachers I had during these years truly helped to shape who I am today, and imparted insights and knowledge I cherish and hold close to my heart. What a wonderful experience in my life! 

mimihmar mimihmar

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 It was so much better with compared to school days.

rockysanders rockysanders

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 Graduated with an Associate Degree from Imperial Valley College.

Maz. Maz.

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2 success stories

started collage on September 11, 2009


vcor2170 vcor2170

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This is one of the colleges i want to go to after high school besides A&M

sofie.loos sofie.loos

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9 success stories

Nurse to be! 


Loucsc87 Loucsc87

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8 success stories

 Spent 4 years making memories and meeting some amazing people...some I'm lucky to have in my life still and others I still keep in touch with!!!

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