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Smiz Smiz

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  Never, ever been to a comic con.. let alone one that went for 2 days! I got to see a whole bunch of celebs i thought id NEVER ever get to see in my life. Had photos with 2.. and sat and listened to panals of them talk with us about everything and everything. Best weekend ever and im truely glad i went. 

ahennige ahennige

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 I went to a local comic con, and I dressed up as Arya Stark. I bought a lot of cool items. I went alone, so it was a little boring being there by myself, but overall I had a great time.

holley4734 holley4734

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I've been to Ohio Comic Con and the Indiana Comic Con. I've enjoyed all of the Comic Cons - either with or without my children. 

The first Comic Con I went to was in 1998 or 1999 before it was owned by Wizard World. 

ChloeYdwi ChloeYdwi

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 Birmingham MCU comic con!

Dayjo Dayjo

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Was able to go 4 times!


yotaka.rodpothong yotaka.rodpothong

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Sit on the Iron Throne for the first time!.

At Bangkok Comic Con 2014

PS.I'm big fan of Game of Thrones


ambergallagher94 ambergallagher94

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Went to London Film and Comic Con in July. The meeting of celebrities was great but the pushing and shoving and the outrageous amount of people was not and I would not go again. 


taz.rasmussen.7 taz.rasmussen.7

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What an epic experience! I got so excited, when I was entering the first hall - that my ear popped ;D It's no secret, I was pretty excited about it.


goodfeatherswoman goodfeatherswoman

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 Go to comic con for the first time :)

pkloveomega pkloveomega

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 On October 9th, 2016, I went to New York Comic Con! [NYCC] I had an amazing time and I hope I get to go again in the future! I went as "after math" Claus from MOTHER 3! The cosplay was done last minute but it still looked okay.

yolomama yolomama

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Not my thing but went for the kiddos.


thecandystripespider thecandystripespider

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Rachelshoemaker Rachelshoemaker

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- Meet people from Buffy! Complete my Collection! 

- Meet people from Doctor Who! 

BunataL BunataL

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Just went this weekend.  It was great.  Maybe next time I will cosplay as a character.


Larsbars95 Larsbars95

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 I want to go to comic con and meet at least 1 actor 

kated364 kated364

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It was such fun! Being able to dress up like my favourite superhero and not looked at like a total freak and be able to walk around and witness a complete day full of the little nerdy things that I love was hilarious. I met lots of new people and learned lots of new things.

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