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Bucket_list_xoxo Bucket_list_xoxo

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 I went to Venice. Beautiful. I took so many photos. Definitely recommend. I think it's good to go with a loved one or by yourself (I went with family) 

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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 I've been lucky enough to visit a number of places in Italy; Venice, Pisa, Livigno,, Pila; and definitely plan on visiting many more. It is a beautiful country

julie_333 julie_333

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Stopped by Milan to see a soccer game and visit the Duomo Cathedral. Beautiful site!


Antonie Antonie

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 I was there very often and it was always great. You have to go there!

Hoejgaard Hoejgaard

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 I've traveled to Italy 2 times. Both times with my family. I've been to venice, and Pisa, and of course I saw the leaning tower (Wow it's big!). I really enjoyed it. Italy is such a beautiful country. And I'm sure Italy haven't seen the last of me yet! 

matildegarello matildegarello

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I'm Italian.

Bekah21 Bekah21

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Good first experience, well defo go again! (maybe traveling with friends or alone)

My mum and I went to Lake Garda in Sirmione.Its a lovely place and the food is good, the bugs can be a little annoying and take sunscreen!!

If your going to Verona for the day it might be cheaper to get there by your own means (bus) instead of a bus tour. Choose a day with good weather, but not high temperatures as it can get really hot in the city. Juliet's Balcony is a must, go around lunch time as its less busy then. It can get really crazy with all the torists flooding in!! Also, if your planning to go to the Opera its best to stay in Verona with the late nights. 



dane.birch90 dane.birch90

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When i was working we passed through Italy lovely place 

Janedn Janedn

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Venice in the evening was one of the most magical experiences 

ilyredw ilyredw

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eden.theron eden.theron

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Venice, Italy


chrissatchwell chrissatchwell

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Went to San Remo. Lovely place, and very very lovely lovely food!


smgund smgund

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  Went there on an interrailtrip in Italy the summer of 2016.

byanka0923 byanka0923

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Naples and Rome are two different worlds. Italy with it's history and upscale lifestyle and Naples with it's rugged streets and wonderful food.


summerjasminec summerjasminec

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kayleebolwerk kayleebolwerk

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 Rome and Umbrië

Noemia Noemia

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I have been to Italy in February 2016

I have visted lake Como, Milan and Bergamo 

Especially Lake Como is truely worth it  

sarah.rykse sarah.rykse

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Only for a meal... But I'd go back for a whole trip any time! 

schenkenfelder.greta schenkenfelder.greta

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 Did this on our honeymoon. Went to Pisa, Florence, Sorento and Positano. I wish we could have stayed longer and toured more of Italy!!!

casefacekilla2 casefacekilla2

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Rome was my FIRST city ever visited outside of the good ol' US of A.  Together, Liz and I visited the Colosseum, the Mouth of Truth (supposedly good luck!), the Trevi Fountain (throw in a penny also for good luck!) and had my first taste of gelato (OMG!).

We then took a train down to Florence where I experienced the true beauty of landscape and architecture, and divine food like I've never tasted.  DISCLAIMER:  Inside the Firenze (Florence) train station itself is something to marvel at.  We visited the Duomo, cooled off in a public fountain and took off for MILAN.

Milan was cool but small.  High fashion, so of course we had to visit the Gucci Museum!

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