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GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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I didn't get to stay long as it was stop on our cruise, but I still went!  This is me sitting at a beach bar after I got my hair braided by a shady woman that took me to a shady area behind the shops, where a bunch of rastas were hanging out smoking joints, trying to sell me everything - from pipes and pot, to rasta hats and CD's - I bought the rasta hat and a jamaican figurine-type ash tray.

Everywhere you go - they are trying to sell you pot.  I was even swimming way out on the beach and a guy swam over to me, took out his waterproof pouch, and tried to sell me some pot.  Unfortunately, I couldn't buy any (it was a dream of mine, at that age, to buy pot from a jamaican in Jamaica) because I was with my mommy and she wasn't having that. And she was the one with the money, so I couldn't even sneak it.

I would love to spend more than a day there, but I still got the experience and it was more than great.

Kayvickay Kayvickay

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The most amazing trip i have ever been on

Was completely relaxed

So beautiful and peace ful!

some of the nicest people i ever met !!

@iman @iman

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went to Jamaica for a day while on a 7 day Carribean cruise, went to blue hole where the river water is so blue was awesome.


ShainaCota ShainaCota

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Super Hot, but Beautiful here!


babylina777 babylina777

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Waited most of my life to go there. All inclusive is the way to go. The caribean sea is glorious.

sloaniebolognie4 sloaniebolognie4

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spring break 2010


moniquebisson1 moniquebisson1

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I went to Jamaica to work with the sick and dying. I was in the children ward, These kids were so adorable. they were all physically deformed or mentally retarded but omg these kids are beautiful! I have to go back :)


ally_tuz ally_tuz

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 Stayed at Golden Eye hotel with my family 

Missiek Missiek

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did this is the yr 2000 

miani2000 miani2000

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Krystalhess Krystalhess

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Done!Going back again for a month now.




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Honeymoon in Sandals Royal Caribbean Hotel Jamaica

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