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Lorigibson3 Lorigibson3

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This place has so much soul!

rachellenh rachellenh

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We stayed in 3 supposed haunted hotels-Hotel villa convent, Hotel Monteleone and Me Richelieu. No ghosts only noisy neighbors. We did a haunted carriage ride-loads of fun, and the Creole Queen battlefield cruise---along with a helluva Lotta walking. A man was shot in his car by a trooper on Bpubon street while we were there. Lots of homeless, beggars and police. But still lots of fun.

deria_99 deria_99

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spent 60 birthday in new orleans

gasolineandperfume gasolineandperfume

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 May 11-18, 2014 

Sandy1962 Sandy1962

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One of the best travel experiances so far


Honeyb1481 Honeyb1481

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The weather in the spring is great

itslyss99 itslyss99

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 I visited Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center, took a tour, and saw a tv-starred parolee from the tv show, at the warehouse it is typically filmed.

nalukima nalukima

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My family and I attended an IDF conference in New Orleans. The most standout memory was Bourbon street, which had the ambiance of a prison cell. We also visited the tourist trap of Cafe du Monde, where one may obtain a soggy, sugar overdose that is a beignet.

DrG2017 DrG2017

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My girl and I went to see her people in Alexandria, LA.  So she and I stopeed through NOLA.  Ever since I've known her, she has told me that what we have in Florida ain't real Popeyes.  I got to experience it myself! And I have to admit, it does taste more cajun-y.  I saw the Superdome and many other sites I never thought I'd see.  This was mainly an Alec trip, so we didn't stay in the Home of the Saints long, but I will be back with fleur-de-lis in hand!!!

On an educational level, I learned that what I thought was a levee, I couldn't have been more wrong about, lol!   

DepDiva DepDiva

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Went to the Essence Festival.  Loved the ambience and culture.  I can't wait to go back!!



sophiemarie12 sophiemarie12

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Done and funnnnnn


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