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JeanieR14 JeanieR14

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I spent a weekend in Paris and enjoyed the parisian life :-) Paris is very beautiful city with loads of amazing places. People there are friendly and nice.

SheSawTheWorld SheSawTheWorld

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Run the Paris half marathon! One day I woke up and said I want to run a half marathon in Paris. FYI, I am a runner and have run over 20 half marathons, a full marathon (26.2 miles) and an ultra marathon (31.1 miles) running in Paris was a matter of location not trying something totally new.

I had no idea how I would afford to Pay for this but I paid my entry fee months in advance to secure my place just in case I could pull it off. I saved and then I stared believing that I could make it happen. I did it! On Feb 26th I boarded a plane to Paris, France and on March 2nd I ran the Paris half marathon. I was very emotional for me. I have always wanted to go to Paris and to combine my 2 loves, travel and running was outstanding! The picture below is me at packet pick up, for non runners it is where you pick up you race number and t-shirt.

gitte.vandaele gitte.vandaele

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In 2nd grade we went to Paris with school. I adored this because it was the first time that i was able to travel without my parents there. I loved Paris so much, eventhough i only remember something like the metro, or the Eifeltower or the wall with the 'i love you' on in every language you can think of. My class was so close, i really miss those times.


patrycjaolivia patrycjaolivia

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 It was one of my biggest dreams. Besides getting sick after eating a dinner in one of the restaurants, the trip was amazing.

Ana1212 Ana1212

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candice.n.rafael candice.n.rafael

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2013 & again in 2015 (2015 was mostly Disneyland though)


jillert4412 jillert4412

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The most beautiful city in the WORLD. Highlight was to get my Christian Louboutin shoes from a boutique off Greenelle Ave! Love, love love!

I love to speak the language, see the Effiel Tower!

I was able to see the Oprah House where the Phantom of the Oprah was written for...I adored every waking second.


isabel.lily.doshi isabel.lily.doshi

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Paris is a beautiful place to go. I went to the Eiffel Tower.

wika wika

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I was there a few times. I really love this city! 


gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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Too bad I was alone. Definitely a place you'd enjoy more with your girlfriend. It's amazing!


casefacekilla2 casefacekilla2

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CREPES, crepes and more crepes!!!  You get your pick of savory or sweet.  Sweet is my fav:  bananas con nutella.  15 lbs later...

We stayed in the Monmartre district (art district), visited Moulin Rouge (bad news after dark), chained locks to the Lover's Bridge & threw away the key, visited the Lourve, Marie Antoinette's estate as well as the Palace of Versailles.  And OF COURSE we popped a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel Tower on our last night.  Now, can I get a crepe?

Daisypony Daisypony

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I've been to France once but we didn't go to Paris. I have some family in France and many friends too. My goal is to go on the summer 2016 for maybe two weeks. It's gonna be my first trip all alone (or with a friend). I'm excited about this, I hope it will work!

Update: I've finally been to Paris in May 2016 and got to see my friends there. It was my first trip alone and I was very exited about it! I've got to see Paris and Strasbourg. I plan to go back next year so I can see again my friends there. :)

kraykraytay kraykraytay

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 In year 7, I went to France with my school and we went to Paris on like the last day i i saw the Eiffel Tower AND GOT A PICTURE. It was amazing !

kimbapx kimbapx

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Part of my first solo trip and epic-ly amazing!


Jose0412 Jose0412

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uge 41 i 2013 med far, mor og basse


jess.eden jess.eden

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Went for a long weekend with my boyfriend for the Paris Marathon in 2014.

Went to all the big attractions including the Eiffel Tower where we climbed the stairs all the way up to the top!

We also rented these bikes and cycled all round paris, which was scary at times - especially going round the Arc De Triomphe roundabout.


moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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I spent a long weekend in Paris with some girlfriends when we were living in Switzerland. What a city! The romance of art and culture is present on every street.

SnowBelle SnowBelle

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It's a beautiful city where you can find so mutch difirent nationalities and big monuments like the Eifeltower

SarahM007 SarahM007

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 Beyonce was having a concert in Paris and my sister was living there at the time and so it worked out perfectly. 

ClauBaque ClauBaque

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VIaje de proyectos U.D Arroyo - Pemjean (P2)


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