Go to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam

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I loved this museum despite my lack of interest in Van Gogh’s works. It’s a brilliantly laced out museum where you progress through his life as you move through the museum. Totally fascinating.  

ned.kemp ned.kemp

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Beautiful =]

mariya.dmitrievich mariya.dmitrievich

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Grizzel66 Grizzel66

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It was exciting to see works by Van Gogh up front but there was only really a half dozen. The rest of the place is filled with works by artists who were inspired by him or who inspired him.

MissYena MissYena

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It took two trips to Amsterdam, but I made it to the museum - plan your time around the big lines for exhibits and arrive as early as possible is my big tip! The museum is amazing because you can trace his life/career from humble beginnings painting peasants to moving to Paris and discovering 'light' of the impressionists and then his eventual descent into madness before tragically taking his own life. Particularly powerful were the final, frantic paintings which really conveyed the sense of chaos (particularly when you knew the back story and could notice the change from earlier paintings). Highly recommended for art lovers and non artsy folk alike.

Jayneharrison8 Jayneharrison8

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Amazing history


captainlissyxx captainlissyxx

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whilst high too ;) 


lauren_hobolt lauren_hobolt

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