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Go to university

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ines ines

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I'm currently living in Guimarães, the birthplace of my country, Portugal. It's a city full of history and was the European Capital of Culture a couple of years ago, so there are always interesting art exhibitions, plays, etc. 

I'm studying textile engineering in Universidade do Minho.

It was a really big change, first of all I'm living without my parents for the first time, which is not that difficult since I've always been very independent and know how to do everything at home, from cooking to cleaning, doing laundry... everything! That was just how I was raised! Besides that it's quite a big change to be living with my boyfriend and a (female) friend that is in my class, and I just  met in September. I never pictured myself married or anything and now I'm committing like this at such a young age... You'll see how it goes, it's like and adventure lol. The girl that is living with us is amazing, very hard working, fun, neat and our tastes are very much alike, so we're getting along well.

I'm loving this new chapter of my life, as scary and challenging as it may seem!


Mackenzielemon Mackenzielemon

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University is so worth every penny you have to pay back and I cannot tell you how much I love the people I have met, I will never be able to replace this experience and will have friends for life from it


NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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I could do it my entire life but I'm almost done now.


kpetrova kpetrova

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Studying psychology in the university of my choice.

velveteenbee velveteenbee

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Best decision of my life


BeckyMatthew BeckyMatthew

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Started university at Brunel in Uxbridge, Middlesex in 2013 studying Game Design. I applied for Creative writing too but due to my lack of A level in English i was declined. I went there with Sam and Sam and regret nothing.


xdaniellemariex xdaniellemariex

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Move out of my home town near the sea side. Go to university in a place with culture and excitement. Over come the challenges of being an academic student and complete a foundation degree. 

CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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I’M GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!! ARGHHHH! I am so so excited and what’s even better is that I’ll be studying my two passions in life. Soooo exciting - I can’t wait!


mollsumner mollsumner

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This is the weirdest yet best experience of my life. I started studying film production at UCLan in September 2017 and it was crazy from the very start, freshers absolutely ruined me after about 2 days but I am having the time of my life and have made friendships that I could have only ever imagined I'd have. Despite my reservations and sadness at not getting into my first choice university, I'm over the moon with how everything turned out and I am so excited to see what the next 3 and a half years brings.

Tazni Tazni

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Wooo! 1st choice too :)

RLizziHyatt RLizziHyatt

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Graduated in 2010. Studied at MMU Cheshire and gained a 2:1 BSc Exercise & Sport Science.

g3org1a g3org1a

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Started at Wolverhampton university in September 2012

LaurenAnne LaurenAnne

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I am currently doing a degree on Photography at the Plymouth College of Art

lysbys lysbys

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Graduate of SU '13 :)

laurenxbone laurenxbone

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Went to Leeds Metropolitan University. Did a year of Music Technology, and a year of Journalism - had some crazy nights out, had a great job at O2 Academy and although I didn't graduate because I chose not to finish my course, the experience was great!


Mell92 Mell92

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I'm now a journalist trainee at the KU Leuven @ Thomas More Antwerp!


sabrinajohnson sabrinajohnson

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To ensure that I do well in life and make my family proud.

FirstLast FirstLast

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ornela.harris ornela.harris

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Best Time of my life ! 


carlie.lioness carlie.lioness

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technically not uni but its post secondary.. vet assistant career here i come

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