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Pickles Pickles

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I had the pleasure of rafting whilst I was working over in Bali. I had been sending my resort guests on rafting tours for months when I was asked to join the tour for a day. I was so excited. I had wanted to try rafting for a very long time and jumped at the opportunity.

It was an incredible day out. One of the best things I have done in Bali. 

I have been white water rafting a couple of times since, but only in a man made venue they used for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Its still a lot of fun


morganicjo morganicjo

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Totally as fun as it looks! We did category 5 rapids and it was a blast!


TarenMaim TarenMaim

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White water rafting in Banff during my sisters wedding celebration

nadiab_18 nadiab_18

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Incredible activity to get out of your comfort zone!!


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Picture below was taken during a white water rafting adventure in southern Colorado!

jmedios89 jmedios89

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Let's get intense! 


Went river rafting with 17 other people and had a blast. A chill rafting ride filled with booze. laughter, and a lot of water being sprayed and dumped on by other rafters. WOULD LOVE TO GO AGAIN!! Must be an annual thing!

ssiaosi ssiaosi

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Was awesome. Loved it. Want to do something with higher graded rapids though. 


Cutiepie1017 Cutiepie1017

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Felt like I was going to slide off half of the time. I fell off backwards on purpose in a swimers rapid. 

Savannahjholmes Savannahjholmes

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I went white water rafting in the Merced river in Yosemite in 2011. The trip to the rafts was long and scary as we drove along side of the river, watching rapid after rapid, which was pretty scary. The rafting itself was freezing because of melting snow, which added to the river, so we didn't jump in to swim as our legs were numb. But was really fun, I definitely want to do it again.

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I went on the Deschutes River in Bend Oregon. We only did up to class 3 but I got to sit in the very front and I had huge waves completely cover me! I was soaked afterwards! Can't believe I haven't done this before! Must do this every summer now! 


markgreen73 markgreen73

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Epic!  Got to go with an amazing group of friends and experience a rush like i had never done before.  


hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I went with my whole family and we took two rafts and raced each other it was so much fun. 

camibozeman camibozeman

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 Accomplished! I cannot believe that I went white water rafting. I enjoy the water & I can swim to stay afloat, but wouldn't consider myself a STRONG swimmer. The idea of floating on a raft in the middle of rock-infested waters was never something I wanted to do, but mustered the courage to do it. 

We had lots of family in town for our daughter's first birthday; which happens to be within 3 days of my husband's birthday. My husband and I are blessed enough to purchase anything we need, so when it comes to things my husband WANTS, it's usually something we save for financially (aka BIG items). I figured that gifts are overrated, so lets DO something for his birthday. I knew that my family from out of state had always wanted to try rafting & we have great spots here in Idaho. I went ahead & booked us a trip without hesitation. 

On Sunday, 07/19/2015, the group of us went to Cascade Rafting & Kayak Company to do their 1/2 day Levels II-III white water rafting adventure. Bright and early, we pushed off at 9:30am. Immediately we knew we were in a for a fun adventure when our raft guide was a crazy ginger; hyped on caffeine and probably recovering from a hash session the night before...just assuming. Ha. We loaded the crazy bus on our way to our raft drop-off location & just pumped. Once there, we got a quick safety talk & the loaded up the raft and started floating. 

The water was calm and only a few little bumps here & there; no big deal. We hit the first one and everyone got soaked with frigid water. Screaming, I was immediately glad I had signed up for this. It was a blast...like Splash Mountain on steroids. We went down forwards, backwards, in a spin, and then it came time for me to represent the raft as the 'hood ornament'. I sat at the front, legs dangling over the outside of the raft, and hanging on like a PBR bull rider to the safety rope. I was super anxious to tough out the upcoming rapids. However, within an instand, the water splashed up the front of the boat and knocked me right on my ass back into the raft. Yes...this was all documented on camera. Ha. All you see if laughter from my (clearning concerned) crew, a wall of water, and my feet straight in the air. 

I was able to collect myself; looking like a drowned rat, and volunteered my little brother for the next go-around. He ultimately got knocked on his ass the first time as well, but fought through the following one; after swallowing half of the lake. 

There's the story of how a section of still-waters became "Brent's Flats". Here's that tale...

So...we got to a point between rapids where there was a calm flow of water. You were allowed at this time to hop off the raft and float if you so chose. Of course my husband & his father (known as Pops) hopped off. Upon the time to get back into the flotation device, Pops decided to go an alternate route...feet first. Yeah...we weren't too sure the thought process, but the guide offered $5 to see him attempt it and my step-father offered another $10 if he could do it successfully. So he propped his feet up and started to wiggle himself back into the raft. Among this attempt, his shorts got a little caught on the raft and rode swift up his man-parts. It was almost a full-frontal disaster and the whole raft was in tears laughing. Between breaths, I started laughing "I just saw my dad's taint"...we just couldn't stop roaring in laughter. Vivid & scarring...there will forever be a calm spot in the water that none of us will ever be able to drive pass the same way. Ha ha.

It was an epic adventure of a lifetime. Next time I'm going to try the Class III-IV rapids!


jstansbury jstansbury

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 I went on my second Boy Scout High Adventure to West Virginia where we did two days of intense hiking and two days of white water rafting. While the hiking was extremely beautiful, it was so hard my friends and I dubbed it "diking" (dumb hiking). Anyways, we rafted with ACE Resort and did some pretty rad class 5's that were pretty intimidating. By the end I think there was a little more than just water in our raft (I might have peed a little). All in all it was a great time and the last high adventure I will get to spend with a lot of good friends. Definitely recommend it. Beware of the MEATGRINDER...

Shazzer22 Shazzer22

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Was epic , Was unbelievably fun, it was a definitely a must  

ShapkaBacon ShapkaBacon

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Scary! But amazing! the view was incredible, the rapids were just rough enough to scare the shit out of me, yet allow my to control the raft to a degree.

katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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Have already been once in the south of France but I went on level 3 and 4 rapids in Costa Rica and it was amazing

kraegnet kraegnet

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I skipped the senior class trip in high school for white water rafting so I generally missed out. I've gone river tubing, but I guess that doesn't really compare.

I organized a small group for Pocono White Water in Jim Thorpe, PA. The staff seemed very well organized and the guides were very helpful and knew what they were doing. One of the people in my group got pretty badly ill early into the trip and the guide captain, Sam (a certified EMT with 10 years at PWW), gave her a field assessment and really went the extra mile to see her to the end.

The rapids were class 2 & 3, and I'm hoping to get the chance to do a class 4 or 5 in the future, though I may have to look elsewhere like Colorado or Washington.

I highly recommend going on a white water adventure!




lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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In Fiji, we travelled to Upper Nauva River to go White Water Rafting. My friend & I were put on a raft with a couple from Texas on a holiday break from their kids and Moses was our tour guide. Moses was an amazing tour guide, he gave insight to his culture, childhood and why he loves being a tour guide in White Water Rafting. You learn lots of things from him. We were only on Level 1, which was okay with me at the time because I didn't want to crash. But the views were just amazing and had cute waterfall spots.

twistedstarr twistedstarr

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It was fun and wild! :3


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