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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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I hate water but this was great! Such an thrill! Especially the 7m-drop. Scary! The scenery didn´t make it any worse, if you know what I mean.


haleycheyennethorne@gmail.com haleycheyennethorne@gmail.com

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I  was afraid to go at first, but it was sooo much fun and beautiful to see all the castles and such in France! (only downside, the water is FREEZING)


modonnel83 modonnel83

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I have done this twice on the Ottawa River - such a rush!

banditleap11 banditleap11

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So. Much. FUN!!,!,




carina.maria carina.maria

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 Was a teamevent of our company.

Great experience! I thought it would be a little bit more thrilling, but still really much fun.

kathy.baker kathy.baker

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LEHIGH GORGE - little scary, mostly fun


MarcosC MarcosC

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 We went rafting in the Filobobos river as part of a school visit to Veracruz. It was fun and intense. I once fell into a whirlpool which dragged me underwater and I reached the surface again about 5 meters downstream. I was impressed by the way you have to fight your instincts to just fall into the center of the raft and instead keep paddling, sitting on the edge, to overcome the biggest waves.

dbalb002 dbalb002

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 It was amazing. Need more of a challenge though. I jumped straight into a Category 4 in Tennessee, with no prior experience, and realized I need a little more of challenge. Next up, White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Nika99 Nika99

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It was a breathtaking, exhilerating, once in MY lifetime experience. It was amazing. 


Basilrose Basilrose

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We had reservations at Adventures on the Gorge in WV for inflatable kayaks that they call duckies, however the river was too high for these to be safe so we went in a raft instead.  My husband, daughter and I had a blast.  My son didn't care for it.  The guide was great and we stopped for a picnic lunch on a riverside beach.  It was a great day.


MalbecBookClub MalbecBookClub

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3 Trips Down the Lehigh & Counting!


vildefs vildefs

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 Went rafting with my class in Voss, Norway, on a class trip there. It was amazing, except I was the only one who fell out of the boat.. oh well! 

araustin88 araustin88

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Freaking fun, want to do it again.

Halfbaked127 Halfbaked127

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Interlaken Switzerland May 2012

trisha.ann trisha.ann

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SO MUCH FUN!!! No idea why I was nervous about this! Started on the Kicking Horse River with Class 1 & 2 in the morning and moved to Class 3 & 4 in the afternoon. Had a blast!

gysvanbrussel gysvanbrussel

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 My first category 5 !!! 😳

amnaelshandaweely amnaelshandaweely

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 Done that in Rishikesh and it was amazingg yet scary :D 

Kellie Kellie

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Went rafting on the Kicking Horse river in Golden BC.  Do it again??  In a heartbeat!!!!!!!


17036 17036

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I've been white water rafting several times and have never had a bad experience!

MicVicMoo MicVicMoo

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Firstly, I'm not a big fan of fast moving water, so things like waterfalls and white water rafting aren't really my thing. When I was in New Zealand, I signed up for the optional activities package with the volunteer group I was with, and white water rafting was on the list. I thought I might as well do it, and although it was terrifying, I'm so glad I did it! 


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