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msherry msherry

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I went for the first time in Nicaragua (Summers 2011 and 2012). It was so much fun! 11 different lines!


cecegotsfunk cecegotsfunk

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I love trees! Why not pass through them on a huge wire really fast, really high off the ground, while racing your best friend?!


krysp02 krysp02

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 Puerto Vallarta, July 2014

lolita.adames lolita.adames

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ACCOMPLISHED: on July 22, 2012 in Helen, Georgia


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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I went Ziplining with my friend in Fiji, it was so fun, but the walk was deadly.

Laure96 Laure96

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When I was working in France as entertainer on a camping, some of the costumers made a zipline across the river. The profits of being an entertainer is, you can try it for free! So ofcourse I did and even the zipline wasn't that big or adventures, I still enjoyed it!





kacey.sparacio kacey.sparacio

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 I had ziplined down Freemont Street in Las Vegas but for my bucket list goal to feel truly complete I wanted to do it somewhere exotic. This August I got to do just that by going Ziplining through the jungle in Mexico!!! It was one of the most exciting adventures of my life so far!

mdarkangel34 mdarkangel34

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Me and Keith went Ziplining at Mohagony Bay around Hondurus. 

J.C.21 J.C.21

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I went ziplining with my dad in Big Bear. I loved the feeling of racing over treetops!

AnnetteH AnnetteH

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This was a great experience despite my fear of heights. I would do this again along with summer tubing!  

Sissy83 Sissy83

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Went ziplining on a very long course through the Honduran jungle

kim.polly.5469 kim.polly.5469

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Colby, mom, and papa


GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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It was fun but short. Next time I wanna go through tree tops

marcxventura marcxventura

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Fun experience. Nothing scary about it at all. 

ahhvee ahhvee

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September 10th, 2012: Catalina Island Ecotours


GMazz2402@yahoo.com GMazz2402@yahoo.com

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The rain made the ropes course a little more interesting. Although you had to overcome obstacles to get to the actual ziplines, it was worth it. You almost had to earn your ride. I was definetly a little sore the next day. 

Tiffy15 Tiffy15

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5 line zip-line

hellerzilla hellerzilla

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(Not my pictures)

Ever since I moved here in the begining of the month to Las Vegas, NV, I never thought something cool like this would be accessible! On Fremont street, you can zipline for $20! Zipline down the street and enjoy the view! It was a geat experience! Would love to go again, soon.  

rena_ayesha rena_ayesha

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This tour was not originally part of the itinerary of our 2013 Palawan escapade. We finished early on the Underground River tour and our tour guide asked us if we would like to make a sidetrip at Ugong Rock. Good thing we agreed. Had fun with spelunking and the fastest zipline in the Philippines. The breathtaking view while you're ramping down the longest zipline trail is such a wonderful experience, it was my first time so it was a treat. Great fun after a tough hot climb inside the rock! It's worth a visit! :))


JoleneKH JoleneKH

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What fun!

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