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cassiiee.partida cassiiee.partida

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One of the best experiences of my life  

jonibev jonibev

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So much fun!  Sailing over Jurassic Park valley, in the rain...


aremmell aremmell

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Scariest thing was the repel down at the end.  

msherry msherry

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I went for the first time in Nicaragua (Summers 2011 and 2012). It was so much fun! 11 different lines!


rachelmue rachelmue

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 Kappa Leadership Academy (Fall 2013)

krysp02 krysp02

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 Puerto Vallarta, July 2014

lhut0280 lhut0280

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Ziplining looks fun, and you get to see the top of the forest you're in.

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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I've already tried this in Romania at Balea Lake but it was a short one. I would like to try again a real one


lolita.adames lolita.adames

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ACCOMPLISHED: on July 22, 2012 in Helen, Georgia


muddymelissa muddymelissa

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There are few things that could be better than ziplining through the trees while overlooking the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean. I would do this again and again and again in a heartbeat.


kmat09 kmat09

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My dad (who is terrified of heights) went zip lining with me {above lions, tigers, bears, and wolves!} just so I could cross this off of my bucket list <3 


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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I went Ziplining with my friend in Fiji, it was so fun, but the walk was deadly.

Laure96 Laure96

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When I was working in France as entertainer on a camping, some of the costumers made a zipline across the river. The profits of being an entertainer is, you can try it for free! So ofcourse I did and even the zipline wasn't that big or adventures, I still enjoyed it!





kacey.sparacio kacey.sparacio

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 I had ziplined down Freemont Street in Las Vegas but for my bucket list goal to feel truly complete I wanted to do it somewhere exotic. This August I got to do just that by going Ziplining through the jungle in Mexico!!! It was one of the most exciting adventures of my life so far!

mdarkangel34 mdarkangel34

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Me and Keith went Ziplining at Mohagony Bay around Hondurus. 

sassyslothqueen sassyslothqueen

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I have a huge fear of heights and an adventurous spirit, and I don't let my fear get in my way of having fun!


Sheryl1512 Sheryl1512

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At go ape for Amies birthday. 

lmcla lmcla

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   done with my best friend and done with my family


hannahkrainiak hannahkrainiak

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rheanna.hatfieldhicks rheanna.hatfieldhicks

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 I went ziplining with my husband in Tennessee, amazing! I wasn't very good at landing, but it was awesome. We rode to the top of a mountian in an old military truck, then ziplined down several different lines. I'm ready to go again!

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