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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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This was by far the best chance encounter I have ever experienced. Keep in mind this all took place during the summer between grade 8 and 9. The story goes like this, my friend Breanna and I took a walk. We were in the park walking towards her house (it was getting kinda late) and we see a giant hamster ball. We post for pictures and poke it, meanwhile there is a party going on in the backyard of the house (the ball was leaning on the fence). Then, a guy comes out wearing a Little Gym employee t-shirt with his name on it and holding a beer. He offers to give us a ride. We accept. We all push the ball up the hill. Breanna and I get in and strap ourselves down and the guy pushes us down the hill. We scream and laugh as we roll down. We then unbuckle and the guy tells us to run around in it (i only fell into the exit hole once). We get out thank him and go back to her house. I have not ever seen one of these since. By far one of the best days of my life.  

elfen elfen

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I went zorbing with my collegue Abbie at the Extreme Sports Festival in Eastbourne

Mals6 Mals6

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Very out of the blue but great experience whilst away on my college block. Day complete with a bit of Zorb football aswel!


jeffnelson19784 jeffnelson19784

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inesje.d inesje.d

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Met Charlotte Verboven Zowel Hydro als regular gedaan. Hyrdo is lachen en heel leuk,  Regular is eng! 


anna.rudy1313 anna.rudy1313

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Bad choice...very sick after :-(

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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It was a ton of fun. I went in Roturua with my twin sister and our friend. The place was actually really awesome, it even had a nice pool at the bottom. I loved it.

BrittNayh BrittNayh

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went indoor zorbing at the SANP 

ClaireCooper ClaireCooper

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Birthday gift from Kirsten 

Lancashirelad Lancashirelad

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Went Zorbing at the Cocodile Park at Davao Philippines, excellent fun.

dirtypiratehooker19 dirtypiratehooker19

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 My boyfriend and I were on a 3 week road trip from the South Island of New Zealand up to the mid/ top of the North Island. We spent the night in Rotorua and went zorbing. We did separate ones first and raced each other down the hill, then we went in one together and did the sidewinder course, which is the longest zorbing track in the world. It was so much fun, we laughed the whole way down.

ChrisV ChrisV

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 Me Zorbing 

JenM JenM

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 This was a lot of fun.  I would highly recommend trying this.  My kids had a blast.

theonlydanever theonlydanever

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 Loads of fun. Very wet.

sarah1777 sarah1777

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I think I would have enjoyed it more if the water wasn't freezing. Super fun though. More weight = faster roll


wrangler360 wrangler360

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Giant ball

Best friend 

Said ball... contains water

Rolled down a big hill


This has to be the most fun you can have in 2 minutes.  Totall hilarity next time I am standing up in the ball 

sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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Zorbing at it's birthplace, Rotorua! Mind-blowing, just awesome!

cbmayse cbmayse

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This was SO much fun! Highly recommend!

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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 Just looks like a great time!!!  You know what?  It was an hilarious, crazy experience!!! You roll down the hill, bounce, yell, scream and just laugh!  Totally awesome and hard to put into words, just try it!!

fieldska fieldska

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During a study abroad trip that took our group to New Zealand and Australia, a small group of us experienced Zorbing down a hill in New Zealand. It was on a day that we were separated into small groups and were sent to a family home for the night. The hosts were kind enough to take us to experience zorbing, which we had noticed on our way into town. It was a very fun and unique experience!

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