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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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The four best college years I could've ever imagined came to a bittersweet close on May 9th, 2015. After a week of final papers and partying, the big day started off with my parents, fiancé, and dogs Hershey and Cookie driving up to see me shortly before the ceremony. Three of my best friends from my freshman year then picked me up to drive to the Wharton Center, which was wild because the three of us hadn't been together since probably the beginning of our sophomore year. The ceremony was long and a little odd at times, but getting to drive back to my college house as an alum to celebrate with not only with my family, but the family and friends of all of my roommates, was awesome. It was an aboslutely incredible day. God bless Michigan State, and GO GREEN!


sduncan1213 sduncan1213

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I received my Bachelors of Science in biology w/ minors in chemistry and psychology on Friday! Such a wonderful day!!

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Graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, a minor in Real Estate, and certificate in Entrepreneurship.  Later graduated from Mercy College of Health Sciences with a paramedic certification.

seastate5 seastate5

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 Graduated EcoTech Institute with an Associates in Electrical Engineering Technology.

lauren726 lauren726

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 I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park on May 19, 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish Culture and Language.

sharinaanne sharinaanne

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 My First Life goal ☺

lejko4 lejko4

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Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies in Slovak Technical University in Bratislava


nbaez87 nbaez87

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Paralegal Degree

Brown Mackie College 

madelinerazo madelinerazo

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Finally this is over!


Mellakhich Mellakhich

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Masters degree ! :) 

sarah1777 sarah1777

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One of my biggest achievements that landed me in the first job where I felt like I was making a difference (as a TSS). If I had the opportunity to redo it I would have lived on campus somewhere and worked harder. College is nothing compared to the real world and it did not prepare me like I thought it would, for the problems my clients would face.

caiyt caiyt

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Its every student's dream--and parent's too (of course).

May 10, 2013

That day was definitely hot.

But still, it wont stop me from covering myself with make up. Hiding the eyebags from all the unnecessary and neccessary lack of sleep. That day was the day I took hold of my ticket to adulthood. My dummy diploma. So I guess I should call it my dummy ticket instead. :)

Well, the highlight of that day was when I heard my name being called to the stage. "Villas Katherine Joy Paliza... CUM LAUDE." I was so happy and SHOCKED. Well, first because Hooray! That's me. And well, shocked because I'm not supposed to be a cum laude. Hahahahahaha! I guess my teacher read it wrong. But who cares! That's me! Woohoo! I got to be recognized as a Cum Laude during my graduation day! :) Hahaha! I wish I had it taped though. :p

gigglebox gigglebox

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I graduated in 2014 in a chemical engineering degree. I learned so much and had fun.

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The University of Colorado. BA in  Communication. May 2016. 

ctfoster429 ctfoster429

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TimmyLe TimmyLe

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I graduated Pharmacy School and become a Doctor of Pharmacy

lkanter08 lkanter08

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4.5 yrs after starting at USC, the journey has finally ended. Gonna miss it, but excited for what's to come!

Mizzallen Mizzallen

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Hard , but definitely pays off!!!!!!

myTmouse myTmouse

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The first time did not go so well.  I want to finish what I start.

twilightseven twilightseven

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I graduated from Northern Oklahoma College with an Associates of Applied Science in the Printing Industry.

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