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WastedSugar WastedSugar

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Graduated from Hurricane High School in Hurricane, WV in 2007. 

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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High school 2009-2012 

hellerzilla hellerzilla

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 I never thought I would make it this far! BUT I DID!

These past four years at Animo Leadership Charter High School in Lennox, CA, have been a blast! I've met the most amazing people and befriended the best of friends. 

From teary nights to happy classtime, I experienced the most rigourious point in my life (exclude college!). I struggled, I mean, I DID have to remake 3 classes in order to graduate! BUT I DID IT! YASSSSSSS!!. 

elfen elfen

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I was the first on in my biological family to attend high school.So I was very proud to graduate.  

dreamyjar dreamyjar

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Aku lupa tanggalnya yang jelas tahun 2014...

yang waktu itu aku rasakan adalah rasa bangga dan hampir sulit dipercaya....

aku yang biasanya hanya sibuk dengan duniaku sendiri... tiba tiba lulus dari sma :)

abinford abinford

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I want to get my Masters Degree and I want to do it in a one year program. 


manicpancakes manicpancakes

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High School was hard but I graduated at the top 20 of 518 students with almost a years worth of college credit.


DarkGoldenDreamer DarkGoldenDreamer

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I graduated high school at the age of 16. I'm the short one in the white cap and gown, sitting in front. 


alyssanep alyssanep

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FINALLY! Just glad to have high school behind me for good, now let's move on!


beadventurous101 beadventurous101

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I did not like high school and was glad to graduate and leave most of those people behind. I did however make some close friends, and was glad to have met them.


tessayara tessayara

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June 16th I finally got the long expected phone call. I answered the phone with trembling hands to receive the best news possible: I passed my exams, cum laude! I couldn't be happier!

Nelly Nelly

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On the photo: me & my BFF in our prom dresses

kastevenson97 kastevenson97

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 Kinkaid '15

rlcsubiegirl rlcsubiegirl

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CLASS OF 2013!


sandskyandsea sandskyandsea

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After four hellish years of my life I completed high school. Nothing special. The first picture is me before my official "Potential Graduation" which took place about three weeks before exams. Needless to say I did earn that potential diploma... and the real one. The other pictures are of me with two of my favourite teachers. (Mr. Sanders, Me) and (Me, Mr. Rodriguez).


Bensonville18 Bensonville18

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 I loved every minute of my time at Oswego East 

bluenwild bluenwild

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 I am so glad to be done with that - no sentimental feelings, seriously.

atothemanda1 atothemanda1

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WOOO!!! Done. 

AdorableLilo AdorableLilo

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I know you're depressed and it's pretty hard for you to get this, but please don't fuck up school. If you'll fuck up now you'll fuck up you're future. Then you can't achieve most things in you're bucket list


audreyaragonb audreyaragonb

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Class of 2013

Can't say I'm sad it's over. FINALLY!!

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